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    This is what is mentioned in introduction of Hinduism. IMHO, this needs to be changed for the reasons given below.

    "Despite having a complex religious system, there is no acknowledged human founder. It was suggested by Victorian England that the principle beliefs that form the Hindu religion were brought to India by an invasion of Arayan peoples, from the plains of Iran. There was already an established religion there, primarily based on the worship of Divine Fire, and the original form of Hinduism was suggested to have actually shared a common theological ancestor with Zoroastrianism – though both sets of people continued to develop their ideas in isolation. However, in more recent times, the original Aryan Invasion Theory, has been heavily criticised by modern Indian scholars."

    1. The various beliefs which coalesced and gave rise to Hinduism existed in India prior to migration of Aryans. Migration, because no war is recorded between the incoming Aryans and the indigenous people. After the migration and after some religious conflict (no armed conflict), Hinduism assimilated the Aryans and the Aryan religion, which became a part of Hinduism
    2. Aryans did not come to India from plains of Iran. They came from Central Asia via Afghanistan. The possible journey is mentioned in Avesta as Sogdiana, Mary, Balkh, Meymaneh, Herat, Kabul.
    3. Worship of fire came later to Iran. The first king who was admittedly Zoroastrian was Darius the Great (early 6th Century AD).
    4. The Aryan Migration theory has been criticized by fundy Hindus but archeology is in its favor.
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    Thank you for the feedback. Are you able to provide some citations and would you be willing to write up a revised description for the introduction of Hinduism section?
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