Dreams, Visions and Expereinces in the Christian Faith

Of course I believe that my experiences are not "mine" I believe that God uses us to edify him. I tell people of my experiences to edify him not myself. Yes I meditate heavily on my experiences and I praise him constantly.

Acts 1:8 But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."
Great !

As he says 'I AM your shepherd and your slave, I ask for nothing more then your friendship'.

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Yes he said that he is a servant and he showed that by washing his disciples feet as an example to us that we should serve man. :)
This Story is my mothers and I would like to share it with you all.

My mother received a blood transfusion after having had a difficult birth with my brother. What they didnt know is that it was infected with Hepatitus C. My mom became very sick and she was in the hospital. The doctors all told my father and mother that she would not leave the hospital her organs were failing her and she was in terrible pain. My dad was at home taking care of my brother.

One night when she was facing deaths door in the death ward.there was a woman in a bed across from her moaning because she was too weak to press the nurses button she was dying she had meningitus She was a wife also with a husband. My mom was laying there listening to her and she got up out of the bed.. made her way over to the woman and felt her and she was burning up with fever. She spent the night weakly going back and forth from the bathroom with cold towels to lay over this womans body. Each towel she laid over the woman would immediately become hot. She didnt have the strength to wring out the towels even.

My mom left that hospital a week after finding out she would never leave and 35 years later is still alive. The doctors have no explanation for it but she left there a miracle child.

Sometime later a few weeks or a month. a man knocked on her door and asked her if she was this woman he had 3 dozen roses in his arms. He said that it took an act of congress to find her he had to go to the base commander to find out who she was then he said he had something to show her. He took her to his car and inside was the woman that my mom had tended that night. They all cried and they told her thank you for saving her life.

My mom learned through this a principle of God is that out of your need you give. That if you give to someone else what you need you end up receiving what you give. Both of these women received healing. Praise God.
Sacredstar said:
Dear Bandit

Oh it wasn't a dream Bandit, I was woken up and saw the vision beyond the veil with my eyes wide open. There was no other preparation, yes the gown was as perfect as any wedding dress and veil an so were the angels dressing me.

Oh yes the lover and the beloved.

Which revelation are you referring to? It is in the Bible and also mentioned in the Gnostic Gospels I discovered afterwards.

Dear SacredStar, it was a nice vision.
I am thinking in terms of the revelation of us the people, as the bride of Christ and Jesus is the bridegroom. The body, the elect, spiritual eve, blossoms from the true vine.
The marriage and marriage supper of the Lamb.
The rib of Adam and the piercing of the side of Jesus.
That is what I mean.:)

I don't think too many people really see it on the grand scheme. maybe they do and just never talk about it.

I will tell one of my two visions at a later time. I mostly have dreams and only had two visions.
Dear Bandit yes all are being called, the Brides of Christ, the elect. I was inspired to write an article about it in the Spring of 2004. 'Sacred Union with the Divine'. If you are interested I will send you a copy but it is over 3,000 words.

Dear Faithfulservant

Yes I agree also a symbol of humility, I was guided to do this on some Ascension workshops and it was very powerful indeed, everyone preparing each other for a special life changing experience.

blessings in abundance

Dear Faithfullservant

A lovely story, thank you for sharing.

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