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    Whatever people think about God so is their relationship to Him.

    God is big, He is so big words cannot describe the fullness of Him.

    God is not a human figurehead like many people believe Him to be. If you pray to God he is not person He is something and greater than we can imagine. Praying to God is the same as non-directed prayer except it is easier to focus prayers to a type of person. hence God.

    Our lives and thoughts imprint ourselves on all that is, so when we pray our thoughts sends and takes requests from what is.

    I believe a total being of life, death and daily lives. God is all that grows and exists; not separately but God is past, present & future. plants, rocks, earth, lightening and thunder and rain. He is ALL. But this is only what I understand, take into consideration people all people with different thoughts and ideas.

    The thoughts & ideas of every being past, present and future, Whether this side of the galaxy or another God is all of that and more.

    I listen to Alan Watts and through his teachings my relationship to life is clearer. There is no right or wrong belief about God, However, choices based on individual beliefs will have consequences.
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    If there are no right or wrong beliefs doesn't belief become meaningless?
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    Not entirely..
    We might have some details wrong, even important ones, but the concept is there.
    i.e. We have a non-physical Maker

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