Sufism, Rumi, Heaven, hell, universal salvation or it's irrelevance?

Discussion in 'Islam' started by Fry, Oct 26, 2020.

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    It is possible, but I don't know anybody that would intentionally place their hand on a hot stove and leave it there. To do so would be irrational, so to remain in that state of rejection forever would likewise be irrational.
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    It is irrational. I think that you might agree that mankind can be irrational.
    I wouldn't like to think that any of us are going to hell .. but I'm concerned .. it is so easy to make a big mistake.
    We all rely on God's mercy.
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    Oh, I would agree.

    I'd also like to direct our attention at the circumstances a given member of mankind finds themselves in, because they could also give a lot of clues as to why they might deliberately grasp at the proverbial hot stove.

    Simpler examples like the minimum wage earner coming back to a hated job, burning up their alotted life time, or the abused child returning home to the abusers: irrational, yes, concerning, yes, understandable given the material circumstance, yes, I think.

    I like it that some of what my sufi friends talked about was paying close attention to everyday things, to circumstances and conditions. This type of insight grounded in the gross material parameters of our lives yields more understanding of what moves people than working from first principles, such as hell or heaven.

    Again, IMO.
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    Hello guys, long time no see. How is everybody? Hope you're all doing well.

    You know me, I don't beat around the Bush and I give you the real traditional Islam as followed and believed by 90% of the worlds Muslims.
    Hell is a real place in Islam, it is literally a pit full of ferocious fire and desbelievers will abide there for all eternity . A lot of Muslims will go in there too but due to them having faith and having done some good deeds in their lives, they will come out of hell one day and enter the garden of heaven.

    Real Islamic sufism doesn't deny hell or heaven or any of the exoteric Islamic beliefs. A statement from one of the greatest Sufi's, Ibn Al Arabi, sums up the true Islamic sufism and its adherence to the Quran:

    "Beware lest you ever say anything that does not conform to the pure Sacred Law. Know that the highest stage of the perfected ones (rijal) is the Sacred Law of Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace). And know that the esoteric that contravenes the exoteric is a fraud" (al-Burhani: al-Hall al-sadid, 32).
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