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What do you think of them?

Reading is tough sometimes with my eye damage from the strokes.

Yet I get so absorbed in the written word.

I can't wash dishes, or drive, or post to I/O while I read.

But I can with Audio Books..and I get distracted.

Tricks? Thoughts?
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I don't like audio books, I rely too much on the "random access" property of a book, being able to leaf back and forth.

But I listen to a lot of podcasts. Washing dishes or walking the dog are not distracting me from the audio.

Posting to I/O - now that would throw me off, too.

So, no tricks besides the dishes, walkies... maybe take up knitting or crotcheting? :cool:
I like you prefer reading...

Today there is a move to call listening to an audio book reading.. My sister the librarian agrees with that....this stubborn ludite does not.
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I listen to audiobooks on long drives, but made a practice of not posting to IO while riding my bike!

I have audiobooks of John le Carré reading his novels, he does a brilliant job, so good in fact it's soured other audiobooks for me.

Mostly do a lot of mining of the BBC Radio 4 archives for dramas. Like albums, I can listen to them time and again!

Re podcasts, I'm an amateur, I'm sure there's loads of good stuff out there I'm missing. I did do a couple SF serials and they were good. There seems to be a plethora of true crime stuff out there, and sometimes a topic seems really spun out, but I will do more.

But I agree with Wil, there's something absorbing about the written word.
Some people need them, some people don't.

A lady I know irl needs them because she is totally visually impaired. If a book or a magazine doesn't come out in Braille, she would require an audio version of the text.

Then there are the students on campus that need the audio versions of their textbooks for class. Without audiobooks, they would be left way behind. Ditto students that have severe dyslexia (these students might require to have their exams read to them as well as extra time to take them!)

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