The mirror.


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a figment of your imagination
There is a concept that what we dislike in others is often a trait within ourselves that we dislike when it wells up and comes to the surface.

I see that often in visitors here and wonder while we think they came to try to elevate themselves (as prophets, authors, knowers of truth, to proselytize etc) but maybe they came to elevate us!?! By identifying our buttons, issues, and willingness to listen, understand, and realize we all have value?

Side note, I thought I had brought up the mirror before but in searching found not that but this, enjoy.
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Good point, Wil.

There are two ways this can play out for me: overt button-pushing, and overindulging...

The Buddhist concept of "near and far enemies" is a helpful one for me.
The mirror has two facets for me, sometimes it is the buttons pushed, sometimes it is the willingness to listen even though there is justthe proverbial howling in the wilderness.

"the far enemy of kindness is ill will. The near enemy is sentimentality", is a Buddhist teaching I come back to again and again in similar contexts, so I thought I'd mention it.