Aussie Thoughts RIP

He could be kvetching about how lame some of the products are. :rolleyes:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Yeah, he did get a laugh out of some of it. Claimed he never had to shop for Christmas because he had brought enough worthless junk home from shoots over the years, to last a lifetime. No truer words I suppose... :oops:
Thing about Aussie, no matter how I down I was, he could always make me laugh. Well, he just did it again. So there I am felling melancholy, reminiscing about days gone by and I decide to pop in an old DVD Aussie and I made nearly 20 years ago.

I had forgotten that some of our early vids included a self-promo in the beginning. Just Aussie and I sitting on stools in my kitchen, facing the camera. He was supposed to introduce himself then me and say we're the fellows behind (company name). Well, Aussie didn't exactly stick to the script. He did introduce himself, but then introduced me as his twin brother. We did actually favor quite a bit, but I didn't know he was going to say that and was a bit taken aback.

So I says, "But... I'm 10 years older than you!" Aussie comes back, "Not my fault mom was stubborn." Well, I just cracked up. We did several more takes afterward, but ended up keeping that first one as the promo.

So when I put the DVD in today, I cracked up all over again.
Yeah, each member has his/her own pecularities. May have interacted with him. After all, I also have been around this place for nearly 12 years.
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Sceencap from that promo. Forgot Aussie posted that here once.:)