Unusual Hobbies...?

One of my memorable moments was entering a library in central London, near where I worked (I always joined the library local to my place of employ). The librarian was clearing the books, and talking to a co-worker.
"Where can I get roller skates for an Action Man?"
So I passed on, took three steps and turned. "Sorry, got to ask. Why roller skates for Action Man?"
Laughter. "Cos I'm making a Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence costume for him."
"Where can I get roller skates for an Action Man?"

Funnily enough, I know where to get such skates! 😁

As well as High Top Sneakers for all scale action figures!
NJ, are those hitops the same model as the ones that this :kitty: is wearing?
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Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Not quite. Pet shoes are more or less just vinyl socks. The dollie shoes I have are accurate down to the last detail. Rubber soles, canvas uppers, metal shoestring eyelets, padded insole, even the tiny stitches are the real deal. Amazing workmanship! Got them and the 1/3 scale dolls from a wholesaler I know in China.