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I am nontheistic, i.e. non-belief in the existence of a god or gods, specifically of a creator who intervenes in the universe:

My very first god-belief, as a 4 year old, was that god is everywhere,

440 BC - Democritus and Leucippus suggested the idea of the atom, an indivisible particle that all matter is made of. To the ancient Greeks the word atom meant indivisible. It was used to describe the smallest indivisible piece of a matter. Atom was derived from the Greek word atomon or atomos meaning indestructible.

In the days of Paul, it was believed by faith alone, that all visible matter in the universe was built by the gathering together of smaller and invisible particles. Today we know this to be a fact, Matter is but the gathering together of invisible molecules, created by the gathering together of invisible atoms, which themselves are created from the gathering of invisible sub-atomic particles that are formed from Photons or wave particles, which are not particles at all, although generally regarded as discrete stable elementary particles, having zero mass, no electric charge, yet carrying angular and linear momentum. . . . . . . . . From the seemingly nothingness was the world created.

In fact, it has now been revealed that matter is no more than an illusion. Quantum physicists discovered that so called physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature.

If you observe the composition of an atom with a microscope you would see a small, invisible tornado-like vortex, with a number of infinitely small energy vortices called quarks and photons. These are what make up the structure of the atom. As you focused in closer and closer on the structure of the atom, you would see nothing, you would observe a physical void. The atom has no physical structure, we have no physical structure, physical things really don’t have any physical structure! Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter.

Energy can be and is converted to that which we perceive as matter. In fact, this apparent material universe at the time of the Big Bang, was, according to the most popular theory of the creation of this universe, pure electromagnetic energy, which, In my Opinion, was spewed out of a WHITE HOLE, in the trillions upon trillions of degrees, or, according to scientific measurements (180 million trillion, trillion degrees Fahrenheit), which electromagnetic energy has been converted to that which we perceive as matter, only to be reconverted to its original form as electromagnetic energy during the phase of the Big Crunch, when all will be ripped apart atom by atom, subatomic particle by subatomic particle, and fall as fire into the Great Abyss, or Black Hole that is connected to a White Hole at the end of an Einstein Rosen bridge that connects the two.

Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like ‘A GREAT THOUGHT’ than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. (R. C. Henry, “The Mental Universe”; Nature 436:29, 2005)

This would appear to compliment Paul’s statement in Romans 1: 18-23; that the eternal, who has neither beginning or end, had made himself manifest as this visible cosmos, and all that can be known about the eternal has been made plain to us in the creation itself, which is the eternal invisible MIND, ‘The GREAT THOUGHT’ made visible as it has evolved to today.

And that which we call God, through whom all things were created, by whom all things were created and for whom all things were created, the God, who is one, the great singularity in who all things exist, is the same today as it was yesterday and will be into all eternity. It is the eternal constant, in that it has been constantly evolving, and will continue to evolve from everlasting to everlasting. The only mind that can cease to evolve, is the mind that has ceased to exist.

The first law of thermodynamics is the same as the first law of conservation and that is, that energy can neither be created or destroyed. If energy cannot be created, then it always was, and If it can never be destroyed, it always will be. Therefore, according to this law, energy must be eternal, having neither beginning or end. Energy can be and is converted to that which we perceive as matter. In fact, this apparent material universe at the time of the Big Bang, was pure electromagnetic energy in the trillions upon trillions of degrees, which has been converted to that which we perceive as matter, only to be reconverted to its original form as electromagnetic energy during the phase of the Big Crunch.

If you believe that a universe of mindless matter has produced beings with intrinsic ends, [in Kantian terminology, an end-in-itself] --------- self- replication capabilities, and “coded chemistry”? Then you must accept that it is the eternal energy, which has neither beginning or end, that has become this material universe and has developed a mind that is the compilation of all the information gathered by all the diverse life-forms that ‘IT’ [The Eternal Energy] has become, the collective consciousness of all that it is.

Every living thing within this apparent boundless cosmos, are merely information gatherers for the eternal energy which manifests itself as this living universe and is all that exists and is, ’The Great Thought’ the collective consciousness of all that exists. At any given point in time, you are no more than inches away from a spider, fly, ant, or any other of the many information gatherers of the eternal, who is all that exists.

Jeremiah 23: 23-24; “I am a God who is everywhere and not in one place only. No one can hide where I cannot see him. Do you not know that I am everywhere in heaven and on earth?

He has eyes and ears everywhere, there is nothing that you have ever done which is not recorded in His book of life.

This nano technology, it really frightens me
They can make a flying camera that looks just like a bee
Can spiders, ants, and house flies transmit the things I say
Can our words and all our actions be recorded every day?

I remember back when I was young, I’s no more’n a lad
Sometimes I’d be at home alone and doin something bad
And I’d turn mums crucifix around so He couldn’t see me do it
But now I think of all this nano stuff and I think I might have blew it

Once you understand that God is all, you’d have to be half blind
Not to realise that everything feeds into that great mind
All them spiders in the corners, ants in every crack and nook,
Were filming everything I did, now it’s recorded in Gods book.

But that don’t really bother me, cos I know it’s tightly sealed
And only one’s allowed to open it---and you know? Somehow I feel
He’s not the sort what runs around accusing everyone
And though He lives in me, one day I’ll be, in Him, God’s only Son. . . . . The Anointed.