New Quran translation

It would be more educational if our Muslim participants were to do this.

Not necessarily, this is from the last part of the comments on section 3 in The Study Quran:

“the Prophet said to those returning from a battle, “You have returned from the lesser jihād to the greater jihād.” When asked what the greater jihād was, he said, “A servant’s jihād against his passions.”

Of course there may be other meanings. Searching the English sources online provides plenty of knowledge.
This is much appreciated, thank you. I look forward to engaging in more thoughtful Quranic dialogue going forward.

I don't suppose you have anything similar for the hadiths?

Every chapter is followed by a Commentary section with much from the hadiths.

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A supportive review by Ibn Warraq, excerpt follows:

In his lucid introduction, Robert Spencer makes an important point that must be borne in mind: his book is a compilation of how mainstream Islamic commentators understand the often opaque and incoherent text; such Muslim commentators as al Bukhari (810-870), Ibn Kathir (1301-1372), Jalal ad-Din al-Mahalli (1389-1459), Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti (1445-1505), Syed Abul Ala Maududi (1903-1979), and Muhammad Ashiq Llahi Madani (1924/25- 2002). Furthermore, he does not leave out, but explains the frequent exhortations to jihad in the military sense, or the Sharia (Islamic law) provisions that call for the denial of various rights to women, in what all Muslims consider are the very words of God — elements often mistranslated or obscured with apologetic intent. As the subtitle of the book indicates, Spencer does not stop there, but also draws upon modern, critical, historical research, works of such scholars as Christoph Luxenberg, Robert Kerr, and Daniel Brubaker, and others, especially of the German group, Inarah, based in Saarbrucken.
Correct for me, & I suspect no one else here has yet. So let us do that and not judge it by blurbs & Spencer's rep in some circles. After all, many Muslims have been criticizing the inferiority of other spiritual paths and demanding compliance since the beginning...............................

...........................Jihad and sharia remain imperatives in mainstream Islam,........................
That's a new thread, right there, but please tell me on this thread:-

Question:- So what is Sharia?

I can't wait to see your answer, if any.
That's a new thread, right there, but please tell me on this thread:-

Question:- So what is Sharia?

I can't wait to see your answer, if any.

The remark about sharia & jihad was not by me. Suggest you consult The Study Quran, there is a link in post #28.
This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much. I'll save up for it.
We had a wonderful member here... Muslim woman... Who was an educated English woman, former military..who when arguing with a friend about the hate and oppression found in the Qur'an and Islam she decided to read it to bolster her argument. Instead she converted, moved to Egypt, and as she moved from vocal western views to devout. As she changed her dress and mindset she moved on from here....

It was amazing to get her insights and understandings as she became what she previously thought as female oppression to surrendering herself to Allah.

It was definitely our loss, but also our joy to see her follow her beliefs.