Built another temple and burnt it.


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a figment of your imagination
Burning man style..

The Temple of Confluence.

The merging of rivers oh, the merging of thought. We built a temple with a wall. To discuss separation, separation of our thought separation of people. In the wall there we're ways to look at the other side, see through to the other side oh, but maybe not understand the other side. In the center there was an Alcove where you were asked to consider truth Justice, freedom Etc

We built it, a few hundred people enjoyed it, they wrote thoughts and quotes and memories all over it, and then we burned it.

Impermanence, contemplation, and Unity Church we have a burning Bowl service I find the similarities intriguing, letting it all go up in smoke

Let It Go, peace to you all
Thanks for sharing that. Interesting ritual!

Reminds me of a meditation practice I've done, which is to build up a mental image of something, until it becomes autonomous, "out there", and can be interacted with to a degree. Takes a fair bit of concentration in a good setting, like a retreat. Then, once the image has these solid, autonomous qualities, one applies critical observation skills to it, which will dissolve it into the mental qualities it was made of.
Go on, admit it, you just like a bonfire! :D

But yes, so many resonances ... liturgical, alchemical, magical ...

My pagan pa-in-law used to burn the sunwheel at solstice, perform ceremonials at the sacred flame, send up wishes in rockets ... it's a language before language.