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New Delhi, India
Indian Supreme Court Constitution Bench hearings are now streamed live.

"In a unanimous decision taken at a recent full court meeting headed by the CJI, the top court decided to live-stream proceedings of all constitution bench hearings from September 27, four years after the path-breaking announcement by Justice Misra."

A Historic First: Supreme Court Livestreams Its Hearing On Sena vs Sena
This is a very important political case about Government of Maharashtra. An adverse judgment can unseat the government.
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The government is safe. The Supreme Court rejected the old Shiv Sena's petition (Thakrey faction). It is about whose party is it; of Thakrey Dynasty or those who have broken away from it and are in absolute majority (something like 90%). Now the ball is in the court of the Election Commission. The Thakrey Dynasty may loose the party and the symbol, extremely important in Indian elections. That may decimate the Dynasty's hold and leave Thakreys in the cold.

Yesterday's telecast was seen by 800,000 people. Today Supreme Court Constitution benches (we have four at the moment) are taking up 8 cases.
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