10 system to help USA change to prepare for the future ! Alternative economies ?


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Here we will write the politics what are the most important factors; the pro's and con's.

How to create alternative economies like using bitcoin to create A system where you use green energy.
Create A new coin of palladium and people who workout in gym's get money for their workout they get the money.
undersatnd our future is that we chaneg the economies and change money into something that big bank don't control everything in the world.

What other system does exist ? Or have you think about USA using and changing using technology for the best so the day we wake up people have controls of thier lives ?
1.system that involves green energy to help education system.

working solar panels congress passes law that whatever school make and energy projects they get subsides and get money from that and pay teachers and what they make get's money for families of teacher.
they make coins of palladium to use and pass thru treasury department.
2. system to help public education.
Lets say we can add palladium and silver give monetary ofr the systems. We have eduaction reform and in it we put advantages and A grant giving to each school which will give 30,000 dollars to send in renewable energies and in them teacher particpate givig them the oppourtunity to give schools solar energies. So they can get help.
But the other system is finally talk about renewable energies the one nikolas tesla says about endles energy if they put windmills in the middle of usa and get renewable energy there and from the ocean if they put boats with fans and get lectricy from there we need more options becuase really the future is bleak and still USA is still the most powerful country even if the position china as 1 number in Gop things are well and people don't know what to do ?
We need different energy reforms and stop the rich from stealing from poor and an alternative is this.
3. third system create more system where you can build renewable energy and get government pays ya. Government should be paying ya but also this everyone should ahve this https://futurism.com/fusion-energy-provides-a-clean-unlimited-source-of-power

Fusion reactors you make and governemnt pay.

People the day is coming more unlimited power system exist to create portable fusion reactors, to create with magnets unstoppable rotating engines, creating the black box a hindu made that from algae and mixing chemicals can generate unlimited electricity, and using geothermal generators to create new system and get rid of electric bills for the people.

Putting boxes of algea and making hem but making a system where you can get silver and giving people portabl batteries so they can buy electricity and that way going around big companies.


The future is coming A world where free energy and stop pulluting exist but the banks and oil companies won't let that happen because repurcussion the economy will ahve and thier backpockets will be empty.


Believe me want one without conflict

but their is A way big companies and people can made deals and a system where we keep things like it is but with green energy and unlimited energy on your side and regulated in A way you decide your property and energy. you get money from what you work. Create A future without war and economy under control. The future can be made without the need of assasinating people who change the needs and give systems were we can all co-exist, government can do what supply and demand exist and give people and stop hiding it. peace can be obain and A new world can happen.
Another system now.

4. Involves making A system of water from air. We already have water in our pipe system but the technique to extract water fom the sky is an urgent matter " Just imagine an ocean we can drink to feed billions of people from machines that can pump it from the air. "

Machines that can help millions of people worldwide that give water and make palladium coins with it.