Flood evidence?


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a figment of your imagination
Back when we were one continent, pangea there is archeological evidence of a worldwide flood...but it lasted 2 million years.

Noah must have actually died from hearing "Are we there yet?"
My wife has a fascination with geology, yet her and I never knew that Pangea wasn't the only super continent nor first super continent. The continents have been joined together at least three times previously!

I have actually been fascinated with the Noah flood story ever since Native Americans have told me their flood stories. It seems like every culture has a flood story. So I always wonder if it was true, and how it actually occurred. Of course, I recognize the fact that many cultures have stories about bigfoot, so I don't consider these stories to be empirical evidence.

If anyone has ever been in a flood (or seen Arial images).it is not hard to believe.when you can't see the end of the water...not hard to imagine there is no end to the water.

The other side as I see it the books are full of euphemisms saying one recognizable thing yet implying another....a flood in reality is cleansing...washes away a lot, gives everyone who makes it thru it a chance to start over and rebuild differently...
Worldwide flood legends are found in many cultures. The Ancient Greeks, for example, had at least two such myths, that of Ogyges and Deucalion, in addition to the Atlantis story recounted by Plato.

Archaeologists now recognise that an abrupt period of climate change took place around 2200 BC (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4.2-kiloyear_event), which fits in not only with Biblical chronology for the flood, but also with that recorded in the Frisian Oera Linda Book for the sinking of an island in the North Sea named Atland in 2194 BC.

This also happens to correspond very closely to the previous approach of comet Hale-Bopp around 2215 BC, before its famous 1997 appearance.