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Taoism is essentially an attitude, behavior, and worldview shaped by nature and not human socialization. Being truly as nature is runs counter to human socialization. Every Taoist since the time of Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu have had to live in a world so far disconnected from the Tao and this distance is constantly growing generation after generation due to the gravitational pull of the external world and materialism. Taoism is a technology to unravel you from this socialization that has been imposed on you. Taoism will liberate you from the shackles and suffering that are both intrinsic to the nature of a society built on man-made ideologies and materialism.

Our parents tell us to succeed, education tells us what is useful for society, religion teaches us that we need to find God to be saved, and all of it, every little bit, is based on a lie that we are beasts from birth resulting from our ignorance and avoidance of our true nature. On the other hand, Taoism is pushing humanity to evolve by being radically human, not some transcendent philosophy about overcoming our humanity. We need to lean into our humanity to push through the boundaries that divide us from each other and the Tao. Taoism is about understanding your true nature as it is with no filters. - Excerpt from the introduction of my upcoming book