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Spirituality in Nature Groups.

Just heard of them so I asked ai about them and it said...

Spirituality in nature groups generally place a great emphasis on connecting with the natural world and finding a sense of oneness with all living things. These groups often draw upon indigenous wisdom and practices, as well as various spiritual and religious traditions, to inspire their teachings.

One core belief of many spirituality in nature groups is that nature is not just a physical phenomenon, but rather a manifestation of a divine, spiritual force. As such, connecting with nature can be a powerful way to connect with the divine and cultivate a sense of spiritual awakening.

Many spirituality in nature groups also emphasize the importance of mindfulness and presence in nature. By slowing down, being fully present, and engaging with the natural world in a conscious way, individuals can tap into a deeper level of awareness and connection.

Additionally, these groups often view the natural world as a teacher, offering valuable lessons and insights for those who are willing to learn. By observing the patterns and cycles of nature, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the interdependent web of life and their place within it.

Overall, spirituality in nature groups seek to cultivate a deep sense of reverence and respect for the natural world, and to inspire individuals to live in harmony with both the earth and their own inner selves.

This seems excellent. I hope it's a growing movement. Are we finally waking up to being a part of the biosphere, as opposed to it simply being a resource and a toilet?