It is not for us to question G!d's intent, but...

Stop being a wise ass and try contributing something other than ad hominem attacks . . .
Just returning the favor, I'm only turning the other cheek (Aramaic translation). I'll quit when you do.

Bless your heart.
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Such an adorable infant, I just love this face!
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It is not for us to question G!d's intent, or plans if you will. But to better understand what makes Him tick, I think He actually enjoys letting a genuine seeker sneak a peek behind the curtain from time to time.

In other words, it is not my place to tell G!d He is wrong, that things should be different. It is acceptable to try to understand why things are the way they are.


I posted this awhile back and RabbiO mentioned a Midrash. Rather than let this be forgotten, I would like to post this here in the hope he will be more comfortable to reply.

I look forward to @RabbiO expanding on this subject, please sir.

Resending the invitation...
Who knows the story of the oven at Aknai?
I am not familiar with this story.

Thank you for pointing me to it. I sense an important lesson for me, but I am not grasping it yet. I will dig deeper.

My first thought is am I "right" to defend myself and others from verbal and philosophical belligerence? Or am I out of my place in doing so?

Or have I missed the teaching altogether?
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