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Hi there,

I'm Jonn. It's good to find this site. I don't have a religious belief per se but I do believe in the Great Spirit. That's what I call it anyway. I believe the Great Spirit dwells in every object, in every person and in every place. I am Pantheistic, in that I believe God is All and All is God. I don't know what happens after this life, what I do know is I appreciate every second I am alive.

I do believe in Karma, that actions give rise to consequences, both good and bad.

The Great Spirit to me is The All and contains everything. Therefore it has both a Masculine and Feminine perspective however I have always felt more comfortable addressing this Essence as if it were Male, it's just the way I view things and certainly doesn't in anyway negate the Female aspect within things. It works better for me is all. Anyhow, enough of all that. It's good to be here.

All the best,

Hi John, glad you're here. I think you (and we) will enjoy the company you bring.


Thank you everyone. I totally appreciate the welcomes :)
hello, Jhon. i think beliefs take many forms, but i think they are all emenates from one source: GOD. hi, brother. i really like the site and wish to be all under it broters and sisters regardless of our religion b/c as i said earlier the source of all religins is one: God.