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Just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself. I'm really happy I found this site- looked over the forums and I like the cooperative and open attitude that is pervasive.

I'm a graduate student in cultural anthropology, currently working on my dissertation research, and I have always found religion fascinating. As my username suggests, I'm not into organized religion but rather a personal spirituality that tends toward mysticism. I have a rather organized, though constantly evolving, set of beliefs but they are individual and not socially institutionalized, so I would say that I have no official religion. :) Without getting into a lot of detail, I guess you could say that the closest approximation would be liberal Quakerism crossed with modern Druidry with some Taoist concepts thrown into the mix, along with some concepts that don't really fit with any of the religions. I mostly just go along reading various works, talking with all sorts of people, and then reflecting on it all and my own mystical experiences until I come up with some ideas about something. I don't really try to combine religions as much as I just rely on my personal experience and thought and then sometimes happen to come across religions that incorporate a bit of what I had in mind.

As for other stuff about me... Although I study people, I am an animal person through and through. I have two large dogs, an ancient cat, and two horses that are my friends and children substitutes. I am a nature-oriented person, and my husband and I are into backpacking. My other hobbies are primarily centered around the arts, especially calligraphy and creative writing (something has to counteract the supremely boring writing style of a dissertation!).

At any rate, that's me, and I look forward to some interesting and enlightening conversations!
Hello path_of_one and welcome to CR. :)

If my memory is good, we have another student in anthropology on the forum, Kaldayen, so maybe you'll find common threads to discuss.

I was raised in Christian Orthodox beliefs, but my presently beliefs are closer to those of liberal quakers, so I hope to see you around and share our thoughts. I'm a nature oriented person, too. :)
Deja Vu! Welcome to the forums, Path of One!