Twelve Tribe Table - Rastafari

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Interesting! This helps confirm my long held association with the tribe of Zebulun, although I came at it from a different perspective.

It did raise a question for me though, I understood Dan was outcast for trying to usurp the throne from Judah. Afterwards, Joseph was split into two tribes: Ephraim and Mannasseh. At least, that is how they are listed in Revelation, as well as the later books of the OT.
For some reason I thought tribes were based on bloodlines, not birth month??
ahem - jewishly, you're either "cohen" or "levi" (in which case tribe of levi) or "yisrael" in which case you're either judah or benjamin. other tribal affiliations will only be worked out when the Messiah can do it.


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Does that mean, to the Jews at least, the lost tribes are lost more because they are disowned rather than disbursed?
I cannot accurately say whether or not your tribe is correct. This table was developed by a Rasta leader as a result of a vision.

How the tribe was decided per month was first born son of Israel (Reuben) was given first month of Hebrew calendar etc.

I also have data for each tribe from the Lost Books of Eden. If you want it for a certain tribe, please ask.

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Mormons believe that a Patriarch, through revelation, tells the person what tribe he is of through bloodline. If he is not through any through bloodline, he is adopted into a tribe.