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I was driving home today and struck by a couple of dumb bumperstickers, so I thought I'd start a place where we can all post the ignorant sayings that haunt us long after they've passed through our life.

Here's my first two:

"Freedom Isn't Free."
commentary: it isn't? what is it then?

"I Support One Nation with One Language."
commentary: geez.
George Carlin did a bit on this. Funny guy. Doesn't like religion.
Pathless said:
Here's my first two:

"Freedom Isn't Free."
commentary: it isn't? what is it then?

$29.95 but only if you order in the next 15 minutes at 1-800-pay-lots

"I Support One Nation with One Language."
commentary: geez.

Which nation? Which Language? I vote for the Cree and Cherokee - they have a cool alphabet (and a fascinating story behind it).
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yeah, "freedom isn't free" has always bugged me. so what, i have to pay a tax to continue worshipping, thinking, and speaking as i choose? i suppose in the context of miliary spending and the military's definition of "freedom", it sure isn't!

"it's adam and eve, not adam and steve" has always bugged the hell out of me... it's become this silly war chant. what's so great about adam and eve, anyway? they behaved foolishly and disobeyed God. not sure they're exactly the ideal couple!
"More bang for my Buck."

This is starting to get on my nerves so bad. They have the saying on some car commercial that plays at every commercial programming point. The saying is not catchy, it's annoying. I don't want more banging for my buck. I don't want to bang for bucks. I don't want any banging. Just give me more bucks. Maybe they're talking about antelope. Or maybe we should head-butt more. I am so annoyed...
"Make Love Not War."

Only hippies in faded blue jeans and multi-colored t-shirts say this. And hippies aren't cool. Unless they have tulips.

"Talk to the Hand, Cause the Face Don't Wanna Hear It."

Yeah, I know it's old, and out of fashion - let's just pray it stays that way.:)

"We're like brothers (or sisters)..."

You mean, you two are constantly at each other's throats? ;)

Oh, and I can't stand it when politicians call each other "Nazi's" or "racist." I mean, those words have seriously degenerated into mere ad hominems, with no real meaning.

"No sir, you're a racist!"
"Yeah? Well you're a Nazi."
"There's no question that the minute I got elected, the storm clouds on the horizon were getting nearly directly overhead." -George W. Bush, May 11, 2001

If he's actually trying to say what we think he is, then he obviously sees himself as Alexander the Great, Alexander the Great once used a storm as a sign from the Gods that they were backing him up. Both Alexander the Great and George Bush are of course Cancerians.

Anyway here are some more stupid comments by Bush.

"But I also made it clear to (Vladimir Putin) that it's important to think beyond the old days of when we had the concept that if we blew each other up, the world would be safe." -George W. Bush, May 1, 2001

"First, we would not accept a treaty that would not have been ratified, nor a treaty that I thought made sense for the country." -George W. Bush, on the Kyoto accord, April 24, 2001

"It's very important for folks to understand that when there's more trade, there's more commerce." -George W. Bush, at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, April 21, 2001

"Neither in French nor in English nor in Mexican." -George W. Bush, declining to take reporters' questions during a photo op with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, April 21, 2001

"It is time to set aside the old partisan bickering and finger-pointing and name-calling that comes from freeing parents to make different choices for their children." -George W. Bush, on "parental empowerment in education," April 12, 2001

"I think we're making progress. We understand where the power of this country lay. It lays in the hearts and souls of Americans. It must lay in our pocketbooks. It lays in the willingness for people to work hard. But as importantly, it lays in the fact that we've got citizens from all walks of life, all political parties, that are willing to say, I want to love my neighbor. I want to make somebody's life just a little bit better." -George W. Bush, April 11, 2001

"This administration is doing everything we can to end the stalemate in an efficient way. We're making the right decisions to bring the solution to an end." -George W. Bush, April 10, 2001

"It would be helpful if we opened up ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge). I think it's a mistake not to. And I would urge you all to travel up there and take a look at it, and you can make the determination as to how beautiful that country is." -George W. Bush, at a White House Press conference, March 29, 2001

"I've coined new words, like, misunderstanding and Hispanically." -George W. Bush, speaking at the Radio & Television Correspondents dinner, March 29, 2001

"A lot of times in the rhetoric, people forget the facts. And the facts are that thousands of small businesses - Hispanically owned or otherwise - pay taxes at the highest marginal rate." -George W. Bush, speaking to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, March 19, 2001

"But the true threats to stability and peace are these nations that are not very transparent, that hide behind the-that don't let people in to take a look and see what they're up to. They're very kind of authoritarian regimes. The true threat is whether or not one of these people decide, peak of anger, try to hold us hostage, ourselves; the Israelis, for example, to whom we'll defend, offer our defenses; the South Koreans." -George W. Bush, in a media roundtable discussion, March 13, 2001

"I do think we need for a troop to be able to house his family. That's an important part of building morale in the military." -George W. Bush, speaking at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, March 12, 2001

"I suspect that had my dad not been president, he'd be asking the same questions: How'd your meeting go with so-and-so? … How did you feel when you stood up in front of the people for the State of the Union Address-state of the budget address, whatever you call it." -George W. Bush, in an interview with the Washington Post, March 9, 2001

"Ann and I will carry out this equivocal message to the world: Markets must be open." -George W. Bush, at the swearing-in ceremony for Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman, March 2, 2001

"My pan plays down an unprecedented amount of our national debt." -George W. Bush, in his budget address to Congress, Feb. 27, 2001

"I have said that the sanction regime is like Swiss cheese - that meant that they weren't very effective." -George W. Bush, during a White House press conference, Feb. 22, 2001

"You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.'' -George W. Bush, Feb. 21, 2001

"It's good to see so many friends here in the Rose Garden. This is our first event in this beautiful spot, and it's appropriate we talk about policy that will affect people's lives in a positive way in such a beautiful, beautiful part of our national - really, our national park system, my guess is you would want to call it."-George W. Bush, Feb. 8, 2001

"We're concerned about AIDS inside our White House - make no mistake about it." -George W. Bush, Feb. 7, 2001

"There's no such thing as legacies. At least, there is a legacy, but I'll never see it." -George W. Bush, speaking to Catholic leaders at the White House, Jan. 31, 2001

"I appreciate that question because I, in the state of Texas, had heard a lot of discussion about a faith-based initiative eroding the important bridge between church and state." -George W. Bush, speaking to reporters, Washington, D.C., Jan. 29, 2001

"I am mindful not only of preserving executive powers for myself, but for predecessors as well." -George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Jan. 29, 2001

"Then I went for a run with the other dog and just walked. And I started thinking about a lot of things. I was able to - I can't remember what it was. Oh, the inaugural speech, started thinking through that." -George W. Bush, in a pre-inaugural interview with U.S. News & World Report

"Redefining the role of the United States from enablers to keep the peace to enablers to keep the peace from peacekeepers is going to be an assignment." -George W. Bush, Jan. 2001

"I'm hopeful. I know there is a lot of ambition in Washington, obviously. But I hope the ambitious realize that they are more likely to succeed with success as opposed to failure." -George W. Bush, Jan. 2001

"The California crunch really is the result of not enough power-generating plants and then not enough power to power the power of generating plants." -George W. Bush, Jan. 2001

"If he's - the inference is that somehow he thinks slavery is a - is a noble institution I would - I would strongly reject that assumption - that John Ashcroft is a open-minded, inclusive person."-George W. Bush, Jan. 2001

"She's just trying to make sure Anthony gets a good meal - Antonio." -George W. Bush, on Laura Bush inviting Justice Antonin Scalia to dinner at the White House, Jan. 2001

"I want it to be said that the Bush administration was a results-oriented administration, because I believe the results of focusing our attention and energy on teaching children to read and having an education system that's responsive to the child and to the parents, as opposed to mired in a system that refuses to change, will make America what we want it to be - a more literate country and a hopefuller country." -George W. Bush, Jan. 2001
I think the one that got me most was when I was driving to church I was at a stoplight behind this car..

The first bumper sticker said VOTE FOR KERRY
These ones are pretty good too :)

A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls.
--Dan Quayle

I was recently on a tour of Latin America, and the only regret I have was that I didn't study Latin harder in school so I could converse with those people.
--Dan Quayle

Politics gives guys so much power that they tend to behave badly around women. And I hope I never get into that.
--William J. Clinton - Bill Clinton

I love California. I practically grew up in Phoenix.
--Dan Quayle

We're going to have the best-educated American people in the world
--Dan Quayle

Republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child
--Dan Quayle

The Holocaust was an obscene period in our nation's history. I mean in this century's history. But we all lived in this century. I didn't live in this century.
--Dan Quayle

I tried marijuana once. I did not inhale.
--William J. Clinton - Bill Clinton I did not have sex with that woman
--William J. Clinton - Bill Clinton