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HI ,

Shouldnt there be a separate section of Mysticism with sub-sections of Kaballah, Zen , Sufism e.t.c . What do U guys say ??

I think it will be awkward no matter where one puts it. :)

There is an underlying thread of unity in all the religion's mystics, but they all are in different religions as well.

I did always think it kind of strange being in the Alternative section, since it is more one part of most religions than it's own religion, and though it is often associated with the New Age movement currently, that is inaccurate historically and by definition.

But, it's a toughie about where to stick it. If you separate mystics out by religion, you might miss some of the unity, but if you don't, there's bound to be some weirdness because we come at things from different traditions.

Overall, though, I have thought maybe it's own section would be best outside the Alternative section, since that seems kind of odd if you're into kabalah, or Christian mysticism, or another tradition that is really old and has little in common with the other forums in that section- magick, neopaganism, etc. There is the danger of reinforcing the stereotype that mystics are somehow not part of the monotheistic traditions, or are some recent New-Age invention, both far from the truth.
Eek. Tough call. I am happy to just post here, there, and everywhere.
Indeed, Mysticism is a difficult one to call, not least because you are going to get a cross-over with Kabbalah, Christianity, New Age, and NeoPaganism. Under "Alternative" seemed about the safest place under the existing board heirarchy, but I'll see how things develop.
HI ,

I can understand the problem of "where to put Mysticism" . IN alternative , well.... I dont think Mysticism should be in alternative . Sufism isnt alternative in Islam , Kaballah isnt alternative in Judaism , ....& so on . These spiritual traditions havebeen there for a long time , as a part of religion , with ofcourse .... "the Laws" , that we often discuss .

I was thinking more like an independent Mysticism section , with all major mystic tradations as its subsections . Additionally we could have a comparative mysticism sub-section . It will be great discussing similarities/differences b/w Sufi/kaballah/vedanta & others .....views, practices, beliefs, cosmologies & other stuff .

Hi, and Peace to All Here--

I don't know why I have not seen this conversation--I saw the original question, but have not seen the replies until today.

The interest in mysticism of varying sorts does seem to be growing here in the forum. I think many people do mistakenly associate it with areas of belief where perhaps it really does not belong. I know I did, before I understood more about it--not that I have not always been inclined toward it, I just did not have a label for it:).

I would say that it is definitely worth considering--my only concern is that it may take away from the diversity we enjoy now on other boards. For instance, I'd hate to see the mystic input absent from the Christian section. :eek:

Perhaps just watch for a while and see what develops?