The World, War, and the Antichrist

Just thought I'd add about the EU parliament that the Italian PM in the news today has his immunity quashed in the Italian high court over charges of corruption. It's good to see that something has finally been done about the situation of his trial, political career and allegations of sleaze and fraud. A step in the right direction to make the European concept something more than a bureaucratic sprawl.:D
Very interesting thread here.
Arnie the Anti Christ? Bewilders belief. Not running the theory down or anything but if A.S is the anti-Christ, where is the reborn Christ....then again when/if(dependent on your belief) the '2nd coming' came who would recognise Him? Would the 2nd coming be male?
Interesting to note that he predicted his success. From my opinion A.S is a very hard working and determined man. He has got his position in power and his wealth through sheer hard graft.
These theories that Doomsday is approaching has gone on for centuries. We look for the signs and yes, there's war. But man is war-like and greedy. It is man's natural aggression and greed that begins wars.
Many have anticipated WWIII commencing, especially so when the superpowers seemed to detest one another. We all know that if WWIII ever begins that will be the end of the world and I doubt it will be with nuclear weapons, I think it will be biological and chemical warfare. Silent, deadly, cheaper than nuclear to produce and very effective. Maybe this is what is meant by pesitilence in the book of Revelations. We do not know. Lets hope that it never ever starts. Whilst many powers have cut their nuclear arsenal (why couldn't they have got rid of it all and the information to make them?) can't they also destroy their arsenal of chemical and biological warfare?
The world's population may well start declining with effective birth control and the unfortunate new diseases that man cannot cure. Africa is stricken with AIDs and not enough medicine for everybody. The people can't afford it. Africa and many other poorer countries still have TB running through it and from what I understand an incurrable form is developing, again through lack of money for the full course of medicine to cure it. This disease took so many before the cure was found in the latter half of the last century. If an incurable strain impacts the world, many will die. We would be back to Victorian times and before with 'comsumption hospitals' that were there simply to contain the disease from the rest of the community. And through the ease with which we travel from country it would spread with the greatest of ease.
The UK is still waiting to see if BSE is going to impact upon the UK massively.
Nature has a habit of controlling the population through famine and disease and unleashes a new micro organism regularly. Flu still takes many people yearly!!! Man has kept his numbers down through war...and war is still ongoing....he will never change.
Why do we keep on looking for the signs that the world to end?