The World, War, and the Antichrist


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Well, I'm back. I used to go under the AerylonBlackwolf ID, but for some reason, I have been unable to access it. Oh well. I am back. Also, I am hoping you will see this Mr. Keith and E-mail me to my new account at

I seemed to have lost all contact with the editor we have in common. When I switched ISP's, I lost my list :( Can you help?

Anyway, on to what I was going to post.

I watch the news continuously. Now, that alone should be reason enough to lock me away. However, I think that what the bible points out as a "time of wars, and rumors of wars" has finally caught up with us. A friend of mine told me the other day that what if Arnold Sh. was the Antichrist? I laughed at him. But later on that night, it actually made me think. Why? Well this may seem ridiculous to you all, but just suppose: The bible says that he will be from around the same area as Ahhnold. He will come to power quickly. He will be a favorite. People will look at him and love him. He will decieve them into believing that he wants peace for this world. When what he really wants is domination.
Now I am in no way saying that our favorite Terminator is in fact the Antichrist, but the thought made me think of everything thats going on now in our world. Today, children died in a bus bomb. Today, in Baghdad, the UN HQ was hit with a large bomb inside of a cement truck.

Where is the peace? Well, I guess you could say we're working on it. Who cares if the terminator's dad was a Nazi facsicist? (SP?) As long as he's not. Right? Well, its easy to see why I got confused as to my friends idea of him being the Antichrist. Of course he was kidding, but if you really think about it, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, it makes sense. Its too early in our history for the Antichrist anyway. God will allow that to happen when his work is done. And no man will know when that is. Just as no man will know the day that Christ comes and takes his belivers home in the Rapture. Either way, Ahhnold may not be Antichrist, but the thought is enough to get you looking and watching the news, thats for sure.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Or am I being stupid again? <S> :rolleyes: :D
One of the points about the modern world isn't our wars - but instead out use of information. We have far greater access to knowledge of events around the world. This is actually what makes it seem as if there is far more war.

From my reading of history, we actually have far less war worldwide than at any time over the past few thousand years.

Attack by neighbouring villages or tribes, or else towns, or nations, became the most serious issues for war - and came to a head in at the Second World War.

Truly, though - take a look at any past historical period and see what's going on. Warfare is incessant in our past.

But as for Arnie - whatever his political swing, I find accusations about his austrian past to be more than a little unfair - here in Britain we know that the German Army was composed by ordinary Germans who had didn't necessarily have any care for Nazi politics - but were driven by a sense of duty to protect their country. Besides, on that point, another issue is that Arnie is not eligible to run for president, in not being born native to the USA.

As for finding beasts - people focus so much on the symbolism popularised by the "Omen" films - but they really miss out no the other features of Revelations - namely the bronze-clad army of warrior demons who enslave humanity, and the glittering domes of new cities. Truly something there for any sci-fi writer - published or unpublished - to mine. :)
I know about the less of the factor of war on the planet now. Compared to say three hundred yrs ago. LOL. I am not accusing Arnie of anything. Actually, you're right. His father's past and such has nothing to do with him, unless of course he IS like his father. Which everyone knows he's not. I only brought it up as an example to fit the synapses I was given. The Book of Revelations, you have to remember was written by a guy two-thousand yrs ago. His point of view during the visions is more than just evident. However, what we will see as far as the Antichrist is a much more modern idea.

I know that he cannot run for President due to the Constitution. Only people born in this country can run for president, but nothing says that law can be changed, right? (Playing Devils Advocate)

Anyway, I thought it was interesting, even if it was a bunch of mullarky. I was just saying that certain things fit in the early descriptions of Antichrist. I just thought I would share the perspective, even though it was garbage. It was something to do! LOL
You wouldn't believe how many times I've read fundamentalists squeezing any current event into prophecy. Every major news story becomes a line from Revelations made true. Sometimes there's no stopping people trying to force square pegs into round holes...

But you're quite right about the issues of modern times being disturbing - we have got some unique issues - and even more so, everything is usually on a bigger scale. Global Warming is expected to impact worldwide over the next century or so, and the AIDS epidemic I believe has now killed more people than the infamous Black Death of Europe in the 13th/14th century (but not in terms of percentage of the population - though it's worrying to see some of the African infection rates).
I said:
>> From my reading of history, we actually have far less war worldwide than at any time over the past few thousand years.

Accurate, certainly don't disagree... but it doesn't take current trends into account.

For most of our history, there were less than 1 billion people on earth.

We had space to move around. If we didn't like our neighbors, we could get on a ship and go to the New World.

We don't have that luxury any more. At the current level of 6 billion, the world is crowded. Our cities are sprawling. The electrical, water and sewage systems serving Manhattan are about to be overwhelmed.

america has more elbow room than the rest of the world. By the time it becomes a problem here, it's a problem everywhere. (Not sure that applies to Australia.)

But looking at an overcrowded world of 6 billion is short-sighted.

50 years from now, at an annual increase of 1.9%, we'll have 10 billion people on the planet.

That's when your theory about us having less wars will break down.

Overcrowding... the effects are well documented... we get irritable.

The way... in the Middle East.... where the temperature is too hot and they don't have enough water, so they're always irritable...

that condition will be global. Not enough room. America has some open space in Wyoming and Montana, a desert in Arizona, but Europe isn't so lucky. Neither is China. Japan. Korea.

it's nice to think we've gotten out of the habit of war... but we haven't.

We're still irritable primates waving sticks in the air... and when the technology to put a nuclear bomb in a briefcase arrives, within the next decade or so, there will be more war than you can shake a stick at.

MY prediction. IMO>
Daniel said:
I know that he (Arnold Schwarzenegger) cannot run for President due to the Constitution. Only people born in this country can run for president, but nothing says that law can be changed, right? (Playing Devils Advocate)

The requirement that a candidate for President be natural-born citizen is in the U.S. Constitution.

The process for making the kind of change you suggested is so long and difficult, it is effectively impossible.
You know its funny, but people are already talking about making that ammendmant to the constitution that would allow Arnold to become President if he makes the Governorship. I watched it for a little over a week on the news. Both on CNN and FNC. Its not impossible. Its more than possible---because they are already looking into changing it apparently.
Arn*ld Sh*

Congratulations Daninel, You finally discovered what I have know for almost 15 years...I have been studying and following A.S. since 1978. Yes thats right, 1978. Do you really want to know the truth? Follow this...

I was a bodybuilder myself during this time, and practically worshipped this guy. I acutally carried a picture of him around for 18 years in my wallet. This pained me grealty...but the odds are around 62% that we are right....

Go find a copy of the book Arn*ld: Educati*on of a Bodybuilder by Douglas Kent Hall. It was relased around 78-79. (I bought the original) The verison that was reprinted was done so around 82 or so. This book was written before 99.9999% of people knew who AS was. No Terminator, no movies, no nothing. In this book he makes some of the most radical predictions every made. 1. he predicts he will make movies and be famous. 2. and very weathly. 3. marry someone influencial. etc. etc. etc. Before you read the book understand he was just a bodybuilder very very few movies - and only cheap documentaries, still competing as late as '80.

Page 26. ...I anounced to my family that I would not go to church and ...I did not belive in was a waste of time...

page 21 ...girls are sex objects....

much more later.....if you are really interested in what I found....

P.S. AS could be vice-president...president resigns, dies, killed...etc. It has been done before.....
Just two points on the subject:

1. The "nazi past" comments related to current persons are generally irrelevant. People who were actually actually involved in the nazi movement that ended in 45 are now in their eighties. As Daniel pointed out, this should not have anything to bear on Schwartzenegger.

2. The comment that overpopulation will be causing more wars is generally unsubstantiated. Western Europe was never more populated that during the last century. However, none of the wars that happened during that period was motivated by overpopulation. The East Coast of China has a very high population density, but this is not the main cause of instability in the region, far from it. What is more likely is that overpopulation will increase violences in cities, for the valid reasons cited by Skeptic44, but I would like to be confronted with any evidence of international wars caused by overpopulation, or of a trend to that direction.

There has always been wars and rumors of wars. In fact in today's information society there are no rumors of wars, we know whose butt we are kicking.

Revelation was originally written for 69 AD not today. It was modified about 100 AD. It refers to Israel's struggle against Rome. To assign it to today shows a serious lack of scholarship.

It is used by phony preachers to scare the dollars out of everyone, that is all.
Speaking of which, what is perhaps a little bit sad is that this thread has been picked up a few times on the search engines - for the terms "Swarzenegger anti-Christ".

Of all the identifications of the "anti-Christ" in Revelations, I find Arnie to be one of the wildest.
no rumours of war ?

china has amassed 150,000 troops by the north korian border . payback for the us letting china in the wto days after and undercover of the 9.11 attacks ,pay back for the oil pipeline that will supply china thats going through afganistan which the tailban (a legelly voted party) said no too (reason for war? (not excfuding the fact tailiban banned opium planttations and the us admitted to 1.5 trillion dollors landered into wall street)) henry kissenger is chinas consultant to the pipelinee.
bin laden family hold massive shares as do the bush family in carlise group one of the us main arms dealership . preston bush was head of shipping firm who supplied nazi germany with 35% of its explosives plus armoured plate tubes wire and more .dg cia makes a fortune from rouge stock market trading on the airlines involved in 9.11 .isreal got its ppl moved out of the wtc a week b4 the attack.

dont say rumour of wars as all wars are planned the same wayu the us planned the wtc 9.11 attacks its all in the news everyday

if there is a morden nazi movement it is the bush family
Apparently yall havent read the bible,,it says that the antichrist will rise to power in the revived roman empire,,,and the U.S. is not the revived roman empire,,the revived roman empire is the E.U.,,,or European Union,,but i can totally see after he gets done being gov of california him being offered the position of the E.U. president,,which they are about to start looking soon,,which will give him power over all of europe,,there is also something interesting i read on this one website was that in some interview after that pumping iron movie came out he was talking about he had a dream about becoming king of the world and he was interested in dictators cause they all were remembered through history,,oh here's the link,,
Heh, I will be extraordinarily suprised if Arnie is able to enter pan-European politics. :)

And anyone who thinks that the EU presidency is a position of rulership over the world, is alas, sadly mistaken. :)

The EU presidency does actually exist and has done for some time. It's a position currently occupied by Romano Prodi - a powerful Italian media magnate, who ensured that Parliament voted him immunity from prosecution while his mobster connections are investigated, and a string of colleagues are prosecuted for corruption. Funnily enough, Jaques Chirac did something very similar (he's the President of France). :)
Over population and the state of Texas

Based on a 10,000 year history of current man, there have been estimiated about 12,000,000,000 humans on Earth (including the 6,000,000,000 we have today). So up to this point we had 6,000,000,000 who have been laid to rest. We have increased our population by 2.27 billion in my lifetime alone (less than 50 years).

Even so, if you take the land mass of Texas, break it down into single dwelling plots, you would be able to give every person on earth today, their own 15,000 square foot plot of land with a 2500 square foot house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

That means each person on earth would have roughly fifty feet to to any point from the outside walls of his house before meeting the boundry of his neighbor's land. That is about 100 feet between any neighbor, or a third of an acre of land for each person on earth, all living within a parcel of land the size of Texas.

We are not over crowded as far as people to land ratios are concerned (using the entire earth surface vs. number of people).

The Dakota States have less than 500,000 people each yet are some of the biggest parcels of boundried lands. And don't forget the pristine and wealthy land we call Alaska, which is about a third the size of the continental US. They've got what? 4,000,000?

Technically, earth can support ten times the current human population, easily, and without ruining wildlife habitats, and still give people space (hundreds of miles of it, per person). If you added the shelves of each continent, you could safely add another ten times to that number, and if you added the rest of the ocean's bottoms, do the math.

Hell, the United States alone TODAY is offering land grants and homesteading rights to parcels of land ranging from 20 to 160 acres per applicant, at 20 to 100 dollars an acre.

Politically, and corporately however, no way hosae. It just ain't gonna happen.

Over population of the Earth is not the cause of wars, now, then or in the near future. Power and greed is, as well as forced idealogy, and the desire to control, that is the cause of most wars.

Why not for example forego the use of petroleum altogether, and convert water into fuel and Oxygen? Too expensive...oh you mean less profit? I understand. Hydrogen is too dangerous a fuel to use...and you think gasoline is not?

We don't want to destroy our wrong answer, were dumping petroleum distillates into the seas as we speak, by the billions of tons each day, and you can't destroy water. You seperate it into Hydrogen and Oxygen, the Hydrogen uses the Oxygen as a catalyst, and produces energy, and the end/waste product is...water.

All this gold, platinum, lead, and other noble metals we have, sit in bank vaults, when they could be used in very efficient energy storage cells (deep cycle cells). Hell, grape juice can be used to produce electrical current (produce energy).

There is a river in front of my house, with a three knot current (average). I could take a steel barrel, split it and peel it back until it looks like a paddlewheel, attach it to a set of gears, and a shaft attached to a washing machine motor. Put a voltage regulator on it and run ten guage wiring back to the house 50 feet away. That river would provide my house with 12,000 watts of electrical energy, with no pollution, and no damage to the ecosystem.

Why don't I? The County prohibits private residences from harvesting energy from public resourses. The local electric companies would have me myred in so much legal BS, I'd have to become a lawyer just to keep my shirt.

As I said, technically I can do anything. But Politics and corporate greed stop me.

My home has its own septic and well. The county attempted to introduce a law that would tax me for using the water from my own well. They also attempted to tax me for the use of a self contained septic system, incase it ever failed, then they would have to clean it up (nevermind the fact that that is what home insurance is for). They wanted to place meters on my well usage (MY OWN WELL, on my land). It failed.

The county attempted to claim the local access way through our private properties, as county roads, thus giving the county more revenue in taxes, yet, YET, they had no intention of plowing the road during the winter, or maintaining its upkeep, or installing storm drains. The argument was that it was used as a through way for common citizens. We pointed out that it was a dead end to the last home owner's place. They argued it would be continued, in about 15 years, so they needed the revenue now. The county lost.

This is what causes people to get up in arms.
I, Brian wrote the following:

The EU presidency does actually exist and has done for some time. It's a position currently occupied by Romano Prodi - a powerful Italian media magnate, who ensured that Parliament voted him immunity from prosecution while his mobster connections are investigated, and a string of colleagues are prosecuted for corruption. Funnily enough, Jaques Chirac did something very similar (he's the President of France).

Just for the sake of being a pain in the ***, I would like to submit a few small corrections:

1. The EU has a three-tier executive/legislative: The European Commission, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament. The Commission could be compared to a government, while the sates' interest is represented by the Council, and the people's by the Parliament.

2. Romano Prodi is the president of the European Commission. Although he is Italian, I don't think he was ever involved in media.

3. The presidency of the Council is held in rotation by one of the member states for a period of six months. It is the state that has the presidency, not the person representing it. At the time the message was written, the presidncy was held by Italy. The prime minister of Italy is Silvio Berlusconi, he's the media magnate you were referring to, and he certainly did what you spoke of.

4. As far as I know, Chirac did not enact new laws granting him immunity. He has immunity as French president, which means that the charges against him cannot be brought forward until he steps down. Doesn't make him much less corrupt, though.

5. The proposed EU President was supposed to replace the presidency of the Council by one person instead of a (rotating) state. It is true that he would certainly not have had very much power.

Thanks for the correction - and you are quite right about my misuse of technical terms. :)

Also - I mentioned Romani Prodi, when I actually meant Silvio Berlusconi. :rolleyes:
Glad to be among learned and decent people.

Your learning, Baud, is impressive and adds to my education. Thanks.

I am edified by your humility, Brian.

I am not favorably disposed to the posters here looking for the anti-christ.

Congratulations to those who bring out the facts that overpopulation is a myth, and war the the conspiracy of greed and power-grab by neurotic megalomaniacs.

Susma Rio Sep
In the end, my comments on the EU don't really matter in this forum, but well, better to correct small mistakes.

Susma, I don't think overpopulation is a myth, but I have never seen much evidence that overpopulation led to war in the latest centuries.

Firstly the EU parliament:

I did read that Italian president (temporarily of the EU as Baud states) was involved as a huge media mogul in Italy, owning several huge industries before he went into politics. When he went into politics all his old adversaries dug up a load of dirt on his dodgy dealings and in order to stop them during his time in power he did enact a law that granted him immunity (now, come to think of it I probably saw it on News 24). This isn't to say that it'll be there forever, just during his stay in power.

As for overpopulation and war:

Have you ever read/heard of Thomas Malthus? He was an 18th century demographics expert and marked on exponential population growth against resource acquisition and came up with some pretty grim conclusions. Eventually the population will reach such a limit that it fights for resources to set itself ahead (personally I see this as already happening with the exploitation of oil and the third world). To me it seems a little odd that he wrote it and everyone sits around a table discussing what to do when it might happen but hasn't it already begun? Nations are grabbing whatever they can to expand their own power and within the nation the individual does it through corporations or other forms of communication (like Mr. Cheney and the reconstruction of Iraq, how much money did he make?). It's all one big spiral that will end up with people killing each other for the scraps on the table.