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Hi, all-

I just wanted to write a quick note to all those who know me and have been thinking of and praying for me. I just wanted to let you all know that I am doing very well. God has given me a joy and peace in this journey that has far surpassed what I alone could ever expect, and I am very grateful for the suffering I went through, because I am learning a lot about myself and my relationship with God. I am learning a lot about relationships in general.

My (ex)husband and I are on excellent terms, and it's actually really nice to have all the pressure taken off. We've had better conversations and been more supportive of each other in the last couple weeks than we were able to be for the last year. Whatever happens in the future, we are aware that we are just not compatible for marriage right now. Our entire lifestyle, goals, interests- everything- are really different. The compromises we were faithfully trying to make were just making us both unhappy. I am very grateful for us both that we still care deeply about one another and will be good friends- we talk and are supportive of each other. I think this is about as good as divorce gets. I think we each are leaving a small door open to some distant future, if we should ever become compatible again and want to start over and date again, but there is no expectation of that, only an openness to what time might bring.

For now, I'm actually pretty happy and excited now that most of the depressing moments have lifted. I'm really excited to be making plans that I have long wanted to make, but avoided because of my husband's preferences. I'm making preparations to head into the backcountry to do my research, and I'll be out in the field from September to January. I will be around here off and on, but the place I'm staying at has only dial-up and I'm really busy, so my posts will be few and far between for a while- probably until January when I return to civilization! I'm also already making plans to travel- next summer looks like Belize with a group of Maya archaeologists! That stuff is so exciting to me, because my husband really didn't like me to travel on my own and I had given up, willingly and out of love, a lot of experiences that I really wanted to have- Italy, Japan, the Yucatan, studying abroad, the Caymans... Now I'm going to make up for lost time, as my funds allow!

Peace to all of you, and thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers,

Hi Path,

Don't know when you will be able to read this, but I am glad things are working out for you. Yes, you have been on my heart and in my prayers, and I think of you often.

And I am so jealous--Mayan archeology??? OOOH--one of my favorite subjects! Cannot wait for you to come back and tell about it all! (By the way, I have a friend who goes to Belize every year and brings back pictures, and he loves it there.)

You go, girl!:)

Sounds like you're going to have a superb time travelling. :)

Best wishes with all, and do remember to stop by when you're ready. :)
Thanks! I'll be around- at least to read the B&S posts, as much as I'm not in a tent somewhere! :) The posts will be a lot less until I return to the world of DSL, just because it can take a lot longer for everything to go through, but I really enjoy this site and I'll most certainly be around.