A New Golden Age or the End Times


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Seems most of are waiting for the return of someone that will bring about a new golden age of peace, harmony and balance .... White Buffalo Calf Woman will return, Lono will return, the 'purifier' will return during the purifying time according to the Hopi, different prophets will return, messiahs will return, etc.... and many traditions say that we will have a fork in the path and must decide which road to travel and one will lead to destruction and devestation and the other to the new golden age .... many ancient traditions have released knowledge that was held sacred (or secret) until now claiming that the time is coming that the children of the world must learn and change .... the hall of records is suppose to open, the lost continents will rise, and perhaps a "fata morgana "will appear (a mirage) .... the shape shifter sister (Morgan le Fay) of King Arthur .... to guide us to Avalon ....or perhaps it is according to revelation the end of times and we will simply destroy ourselves and our world ....

I personally believe that what brings all traditions and religions together is that the process to create the new world lies in each of us and not outside of us .... when we begin the process, one by one, the world will begin to change as we begin to change .... so I must be the eternal optimist that we will survive another seven generations and our children will also survive and live in that golden age ....

so my question, what do others believe .... where are we headed, how will we get there, and is there hope for a change to a new golden age .....

he hawai'i au, pohaikawahine

I love you for this post. As I have appreciated many of your words and the freshness and optimism you bring with intelligence and understanding. This life has also traveled a similar journey to your own, through ancient knowledge to where we are now. And not as dry words on dry paper, but in the living and feeling of it all.
Yes, we move through end times, and the journey has been ushered in softness, compared to how it could have been. For the new is already here working alongside all that has manifested from the past, cleaning and clearing, smoothing the way.
We shall know ourselves for the first time.
It shall be beyond survival, it shall be a new dimension of beauty and exquisitness. There shall be peace.
All I have to remember is when they come,I will step on my toe.If I feel it then the one claiming to be whatever.,is telling a lie.We will not be in the flesh when that happens.That is what my GOD has to say.