Hope all of our folks in New Orleans/LA/Mississippi etc are ok


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Been watching the situation in New Orleans deteriorate over the last couple of days - don't recall if anyone on the forums is from that area, but I hope everyone's ok. Of the folks I know personally from down there, I know two are ok and with relatives, but one family hasn't been heard from since the storm hit - as of Sunday they were planning on staying put in the city, so I don't expect to hear from them for a while even if they're ok.

What a mess.
A devistating tragedy yes:(. I too sure hope that people are ok, even if many lives have lost. Lets hope that the people in the Super Dome are evacuated quickly.

God Bless to all,
Paul James

PS: I shall pray for those poor people. I ask kindly that others join me in prayer today. Thank you.
A month ago on vacation we drove through Louisiana.. Biloxi, MS, Mobile AL.. Its very sad to me to see that these places look absolutely nothing like they did a month ago.
Hi, Ben--

I surely do hope that your friends are okay. My grandson is in Florida, and if Katrina had not turned, it might be him missing.

Well, probably not, because the extended family members he is staying with would have had the money and resources to get out of town. And when they all got back, they would need to find out what insurance would pay to help them restore.

What I do not think many people understand is that most of those left in N.O. when the storm hit were people who did not have the means to evacuate.

It could easily be me. Not in a hurricane, but in any kind of emergency situation.

I think that this country needs to take a look at how divided the "haves" and the "have nots" have really become. Oh sure, we interact on a daily basis, but, well, just take a look at New Orleans--then I think that it should be obvious that there is a factor of our society that can barely scrape by. And then there is the rest of it, who cannot see it until some disastor hits....

Well, geez--did I vent?

Me and Dor were talking about this.. We thought it curious that more mention was made of the tsunami then this and they were both equally catastrophic.. Is it not making international news? There is basically no New Orleans .. the entire city is underwater. Does anyone else think this is odd?
Katrina is making the headline news here in Britain.

I think the point about the Tsunami is that it was not simply without warning, but also killed well over a hundred thousand across a half-dozen countries - Katrina was warned about, New Orleans evacuated, and the death toll has been suggested as a few hundred.

It is certainly is spooky to see those images of New Orleans underwater, though - that's got to have quite an impact on anyone that such a degree of city infrastructure can be under water.
Its even worse than that.. The mayor had to declare marshal law and the firefighters are carrying guns because anarchy has struck. People are shooting at the helicopters that are trying to rescue people. Looters are breaking into hospitals at gun point.. The Childrens Hospital for one.

Its more than a few hundred.. There are refrigerated tanks set up next to the 9 major.. still standing funeral homes that are full of bodies already.. 55 people in Biloxi from one apartment complex.

The standing water over New Orleans is toxic and is on fire as of today from all the oil spillage. Not to mention the threat of epidemics from the sewage in the water.. I honestly cant imagine how long its going to be before Biloxi MS and New Orleans LA can even be considered liveable..

As for the warning.. I wish more people would have taken heed..

Whats sad to me also is that its only been 4 years since 9/11 whats next.
24 Nations have offered assistance to the US on this issue. 4200 military police from the Army and Air National Guard have been placed under the authority of the Governor of Louisiana, to augment the New Orleans Police department. 5700 Coast Guardsmen are performing Search and Rescue operations, as well as port security, opening shipping channels, and Law Enforcement (No, martial law has not been invoked in New Orleans). One helicopter rescued over 1200 people in 16 hours (10 hours past their bag limit). 3,000,000 lbs of sand bags have been dropped into the levy breaches, and temporary damns are being delveloped around the same.

Some morons are shooting at rescuers for S and Gs. Looters are taking guns, TVs, computers and other worthless stuff, while food is left on store shelves.
Rescuers have pulled over a thousand people from underneath the roofs of their houses, by cutting holes in the roofs. There is a waiting list 16 pages long for helicopters for lease companies to fly people to look for loved ones. 92% of these potential "clients" are middle class, and can not afford the price for leasing a helicopter...but they don't care.

Everyday citizens have taken their personal water craft, to go searching for survivers, with no thought of compensation. School Districts in places as far as Kentucky, Tennesee and Ohio, have taken children in for the next 6 months, just so they can continue their schooling and get at least two decent meals a day. Families can sleep together in the School gyms.

Maryland for example, offered 1400 hospital beds here, and transportation to get the worst victims here for medical assistance (free). Power companies from around the US have sent crews in to rebuild, restore electricity, water, utilities. Hospital ships, aircraft carriers and Coast Guard Cutters are on scene as waterborn platforms for logistics, support, and emergency care.

We are seeing man at his worst (the minority thank God), and at his best (the majority thank God).

...and it has only been 2.5 days since the disaster...


As I told somebody earlier today, there're rectal thermometer orifices in every group. *le sigh*

Looting Children's Hospital? I guess the looters' parents came from the same twig of their family trees. :p If the looters took the medications, they probably aren't capable of using them properly and might try selling them black market (possibly killing more people due to ODs), and if they took electronics, the electronics are worthless (no power.)

Shooting at rescuers? :mad: [flying fickle finger of fate] Hell (pardon the language) but for every rescuer down, that could mean roughly ten people lost forever to alligators, poisonous snakes, aquatic sharks and/or disease (like this one man who succumbed to lung cancer because he ran out of oxygen.) I won't even start on losing one of our living national treasures (Fats Domino and his family were listed as missing last I heard earlier today.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Well, if an air crew of 4 could rescue 1200 in less than 24 hours, one rescuer down means a potential loss of 400 people. But since the shooters cause "all" rescue operations to stop, and since 20 to 25 % of the local police force has failed to show up for work...the math is pretty overwhelming.
I heard also last night that LA and MS wont even talk about how many dead there are... There is no way to know how many have died so they arent talking about it till they know.

Yes I heard about Fats Domino as well :( They cant find him for the telethon they were wanting to put on.

Texas is also prepared to put these children into school immediately and we are willing to house 25,000 people asap.

Im ashamed of some of what Im seeing and Im so very proud at other things..

Israel was the first to offer aid.

The governor of Georgia has put a stop to price gouging on the gas you see for sale for 6.00 a gallon.. I think the damage has already been done though.. people are in a panic filling up their automobiles so that for sure there isnt enough gas to get through this crisis.

Our paper listed all the historical sites that are destroyed or damaged.. Its horrible to think that such a richly historical place as New Orleans and Biloxi are destroyed.
Hi, and Peace to All (appears I have been logged in again for a couple of days--got to do something about that pattern of not logging out!)

My oldest daughter lives just west of Houston in a small town that was among one of the first places to take in the evacuees. She works for an auto dealership there, and she has become part of a team of people who are personally visiting these folks who were actually able to get out. They need everything--and they do not know what they will see when they get home. It has changed her whole outlook on life. The business leaders in this town marched over to City Hall and protested the fact that one of the few motels in their town (Rodeway Inn) had raised their rates from about $35 a night to over a hundred:mad: ...that got taken care of real quickly.

And then she visited those people in those motel rooms, and from what she tells me, and from what I have always suspected--we just do not know until it happens to us or "ours".

The details of what people go through in emergency situations and just stuff "out of the ordinary" never really hits home until one experiences it or is somehow part of it.

My son is going to New Orleans this week with FEMA. We are a bit worried--there are no provisions for lodging or medical care, like shots he might need--the situation with the water there is dangerous. But as he says, we know he will be alright.

If Katrina had turned, it might be my daughter in the Houston area, or my grandson in Florida. If the orchestrators of 911 had thought that Dallas was more "evil" than New York, then I might be one of those names given a few seconds of silence.

As it is, my prayers are for the people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. I met a lady today while I was working--how positive she was--she knows where her husband is, but not her children and grandchildren. I also met some children today who have spent every cent they had putting together baskets of toys for children, they said, might not even know yet that they do not have homes to go back to--they wanted them to have something fun to do on the way to where home might not be anymore--their mother was in tears, wishing she could do more. She told me that some stranger had asked her children what they were doing, and upon hearing the explanation, had given the kids a hundred dollars to send along with their project.

I could go on and on-