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If there are links you would suggest for the study of Torah, make a post and I will copy them to this post. Please include a sentence or two to explain what the link is. Translations are also good, but if there's a mega-site of translations that includes your translation, please don't repost.


Bible translation supersite. Allows comparison of texts. Multiple languages including the Hebrew, Greek, and Latin texts.


This is a link to Chabad's parsha page, which includes sources from various time periods as well as Rashi's commentary and some hasidic sources, and an overview of the parsha.

This site has "summaries, commentaries, and text studies" coming from all of the denominational perspectives.

From the Conservative Seminary's website, this page has commentary by the Chancellor and by the Fellows as well as, it appears, the new JPS translation by parshah.

The following site houses the book "Legends of the Jews" by Louis Ginzberg, a compilation of classical midrashim.

This site holds, in addition to translations of the Tanach, translations from the deuterocanon, the pseudepigrapha, Philo of Alexandria, and Flavius Josephus.

Bible quiz by parsha or from the whole database.

This page contains parsha studies by a humanist Jew. Torah Commentaries/


This site has a number of Near Eastern texts important to the comparative study of the Torah against surrounding cultures as well as some Hebraic material not covered on earlyjewishwritings, some DSS, Early Christian Lit, Early Gnostic Lit, Church Documents, and a long list of links.

A glossary of important vocabulary to know when studying the bible.

Peace and blessings.

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Hi Dauer, :)

is there a good one for oral tradition? i did not look through all the ones posted. but that would be of great interest to me.

The link I posted to midrashim is a whole collection of midrashim arranged into a big novel. That's one type of extra-biblical writing. There is midrash in the Talmud, and there are also volumes outside of it, and I'm pretty sure it's all considered a part of oral tradition, (but don't quote me on that.)

I'm really only making a list of links for bible study, and if you have any that cover material that isn't here, that do have some good material on Torah, that would be great too. For Talmud you could try this link:

I don't think you'll get very far. If you go to the main page you might find some more helpful information. This is also good:

And he has links to some other things. Unfortunately most of that stuff is not available on the internet. Hope that helps.

dauer, I want to thank you so much for providing all these links. Lots to study here. Been perusing, and I can see that this is going to be quite helpful to my understanding. I think there may be enough information here to light a few candles.