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London, UK, Malkhut she'be'Assiyah
hello there. as one of those made homeless (at least for dialogue) by amber over at breathless moon this looks like a forum worth checking out - brian seems like a sensible enough chap by all accounts, plus a lot of you are UK-based, which is rather splendid.

anyway, i have been working in interfaith dialogue for many years now. i started with abrahamic stuff (jewish-christian-muslim) and have latterly moved on to what i generally describe as "extreme dialogue" (you know, like 'extreme ironing) - in that i am engaging in dialogue with people not normally included in the somewhat genteel environment of the ceremonial dialogue world represented by the sort of people that have long titles and spend a lot of their time giving each other awards and making speeches. more specifically, i am one of the only jews that i know of who is engaging in dialogue with the neo-pagan community. but more of that anon.

anyway, as i said, i'm jewish, observe the mitzvot (commandments and so on) to the best of my ability and am very much involved in community life at many different levels, spiritually, educationally and musically. ethnically, i come from a very peculiar mixed-up sephardic/oriental family (mainly iraqi, but basically there's everything in there except eastern europeans). i live in london and am just finishing off an MBA.

i am not easily offended and (though i say so myself) believe myself to be pretty darn open-minded and non-judgemental.

hopefully, this board will be a source of enlightenment, openness and tolerance.


Hi bananabrain and dsj761 - and welcome to!

I thought I recognised that signature somewhere before. :) Glad to see you pop by! And I sincerely hope that you can have enojoyable inter-faith dialogue here.

(Btw - the rumours of my being sensible have been highly exaggerated. :) )