My theory of Dreams and the Imagination

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This is a theory I wrote about dreams and the imaginative realm a while back. Please read and enjoy! I look forward to any critiques at the end.

Note: Before reading I just want to say that I wrote this theory from MY point of view. I didn't look at any others. I just started from scratch.
Theory of Dreams and Imagination

For centuries, dreams have thought of as windows to another realm. They are. Dreams are gateways to the realm of the imagination one empiticular mind. Dreams and imaginations work together and stay connected in the mind. Without one the other would not exist. One analogy is that dreams are to clouds as an imagination is to a rainbow. Reality makes up the blue sky. Like clouds, all dreams are different and random. Like a rainbow, imaginations come in different archetypal colors. Such as the solor red represents passion or vengeance in the imagination. The activities of this realm or these realms lie within the mind of the beholder. Many people, especially adults, have only one realm of imagination and prefer a monotone personality of dreams. Others, such as younger children and teens as my self, prefer to have more active and random dreams, thus providing us with more than one realm of imagination.

An imagination will provide us with the essentials of motivation and dreams will provide us with something to look forward to in the future.

Without imagination there would be no dreams. Without dreams there would be no realm of imagination. Without either there would be no life, mankind would not exist. Reality would become unstable. Yes, dreams and imaginations also contribute towards reality. It thrives on these two core values.

Here is an example, a man dreams of owning a business to make millions. He then imagines what the business will be. His dreams helped him look forward to this and his imagination motivated him to begin the construction. But let us say that dreams and imagination did not exist in this man. Therefor he has no intention for owning a business or becoming a millionaire. Even so, he would have no motivation and nothing to look forward to. The reality of this business fell and no longer exists. Therefor, in conclusion, without dreams or imagination reality would not exist.

Remembrance and lies also play a big role in imagination. Lies, of coarse, lie within the realm of imagination. A false exaggeration created be the imagination is known as a lie. Why does remembrance connect with imagination? There is always some sort and some amount of exaggeration when telling a story be memory. Whether it is by words or by the tone of the narrator. A key way into seeing if a person is creating of remembering is by looking at their eyes. If they shift to the left then they are creating. If they shift to the right then the person is remembering. Imagination is the soul to a lie. It serves as its support beams as the lie grows larger and larger.

If the sherade is not ended quickly then the liar will run out of imaginative ideas (or support beams), thus causing the lie to collapse and the liar exposed. The imagination is a powerful recource. Many have tried to fully control it, all have failed. No one man can hold his imagination in captivity for it would escape. Those who have tried to control it have come back being controlled by it. Referring back to the business example, if the man had captivated his imagination then his dream of creating an industrial empire would fall. There would be an unequal balance between the structures of reality and structures of the imaginative realm.

Dreams and emotions are intertwined in many complicated ways. I believe that it is through dreams in which you acquire emotions. An example, you come home from work tired and worn. You decide a good nights rest will help you feel better in the morning. When you fall asleep you dream a good dream full of joy and happiness. When you awake you refreshed and giddy. The sleep only gave your body time to catch up on energy; it was the dream that set your wake up mood.

Why don't we use the same example again. This time the good dream will become a nightmare. When you awake only your body feels refreshed, but you mood is focused on last night's dream. The nightmare set you into a more frightened and alert emotion. Dreams are not always triggering emotion. At times it is many other things. These examples explained ways in which dreams are intertwined with emotions.

People use their imagination everyday. When artists are painting or drawing they are using their imagination to for their determination. When someone is reading a novel they are using their imagination to depict the background or animate their surroundings as if they were in the story, as well.

Creativity through the imagination is a normal part of everyday life. I f a mother tells her child to stop pretending and act normal then she does not understand the full meaning of normality and its interconnection with the imagination.

Adults, as well, have imaginations too and they do use them everyday. One example, a mother comes home to a messy house. Before she was using her imagination and hoping that the house would be clean. Another example is a lazy man sitting on the couch and watching the football game, imagining that the Dallas Cowboys will make it to the Super Bowl.

Noticing that the above examples contain hope one may bring up the question, "Is hoping and dreaming the same thing?" Since dreaming exists through the imaginative realm and hope is connected with the imagination then the answer is Yes but the answer is also No. Hope tends to switch on and off through dreams and, since it is random, it is highly possible that a dream may not contain any hope at all. After all, dreams are limited in time and unlike the imagination, dreams can be slightly controlled.

The difference between a dream and imagination is that reality does not exist in a dream, therefor giving you some control. When you are using your imagination then you are still in reality This limits your imagination and prohibits your control, because reality is making an interference.

Like the imaginative realm there is another. For many years it has been called another world. The "Dream World," as it is called, consists of an infinite number of dreams. It is in this area in which dreams are created and stored, never to be destroyed.

The dream world does not physically exist, that would be unethical. The dream world, along with the imaginative realm, exists only deep within the unconscious mind of a human being.

Sometimes the dream world becomes unstable and comes out of the mind and around its keeper. These moments are called "dream bursts." Dream bursts are common among young children and premature adults. However, these psychotic bursts and flashes can happen in anyone at anytime. It can happen by the pursing of an imagination or the simple taking of a narcotic.

Like the imagination, a dream is a powerful resource. It can also be very dangerous. If out of hand, a dream can endanger your life or the life of someone else.

Sometimes the keeper can become too engulfed inside a dream burst that they lose all contact with reality and outside world. The keeper's mind is trapped inside the dream world until the unconscious mind comes to a close.

An example of a dream burst would be, a school student is gazing outside the classroom window. Daydreaming, he thinks he is a real superhero. Unknowing and unaware of what he is doing, he jumps up on his desk starts acting like Superman. This extremely embarrassed child has just experienced a dream burst. As you can see, a dream burst will usually during a daydream when it is carried too far.

All imaginations and dreams have there limit. In fact they have the same limit, reality. Reality is the blue sky that blocks the clouds from drifting away and the rainbow from growing too high. Reality is what gives our dreams and imaginations their inspiration, but it can also take it away.

Imaginations, dreams, realities...the values of human survival

-Paul James

I hope you enjoyed it!

God Bless,
you put a lot of thought in that theory & i think i agree with you. i have dreams all the time & remember most of them or they may be brought to my recollection at specific times later, even though i may not recall the dream right after waking up. i dream constantly.

The four parts I especially enjoyed. Dreams, imagination, reality and lies. How quickly they can interact. I also liked your theory on owning a business because that is exactly how it went for me. the hard part of that is knowing when to move, change & keep up with the competition and the lies.
For example, my buisness was kind of offered & since then, two other partners & myself have made our business rated top 20 in the field! While 80 other competitors were cut this last year.

I have only written one theory but i consider it more of a revelation that was given to me through prayer & study. it is only 160 pages & i pretty much keep it to myself because others do not understand what i am talking about. i wait for specific questions to be asked before i share it. though, i do plan on having the book published before i pass on.

one other thing about dreams, if you eat too much of certain foods before you go to sleep, you will certainly have a lot of restless dreams. dont forget the dreams that you have when something wakes you up as part of the dream and the ability to go back to sleep & finish a very comforting dream.
Bandit said:
it is only 160 pages & i pretty much keep it to myself because others do not understand what i am talking about. i wait for specific questions to be asked before i share it. though, i do plan on having the book published before i pass on.

:eek: ONLY 160 pages? WOW! I couldn't write that much even if my life depended on it! What was the theory about? Quantim Physics or something? I would definatly publish the theory!:)

God Bless and another WOW,
Paul James said:
:eek: ONLY 160 pages? WOW! I couldn't write that much even if my life depended on it! What was the theory about? Quantim Physics or something? I would definatly publish the theory!:)

God Bless and another WOW,

well, it will certainly be the only 'theory' of its type on the market because as far as i know, no one has ever written anything in depth about 'this theory' yet.
i think i better keep this particular theory to myself for now, but thanks for asking & maybe someday.:)
you might be suprized how much you can write when you find a special interest in something that you really want to know more about.
God bless you too!
paul james .... I enjoyed reading your theory on dreams and imagination, a lot of great thoughts went into it .... in response to your poll since I've kept journals for about 30 years I write theories and philosophies all the time, even if it is just a small page of thoughts or a longer work on weaving all those thoughts together .... thank you for sharing your theory ....

bandit .... I look forward to hearing more about your "work in progress" when you are ready to share it .... aloha nui, poh