The Universal mysticism


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The God of universe, the God of mankind is the God of love. Parents love for their baby is natural. Being the producers of that baby, they love the produced. The God is the creator of mankind. The God loves this supreme and beloved creation many, many times more than the parents can. In rare cases even the parent’s love can waive, but the God’s love is immortal. The God wants the humans to promote love among them. Only for this cause there should be justice, liberty, human-rights etc.

Please look into this mysticism. [Love for the God]

Sultan Bahoo says,
“I want to do away with eemaan [the faith of a Muslim], as every body prays for the survival of eemaan in himself, I seek the survival of my ishq” [profound love].

“Ashiqs [lovers] say prayer of love, in which there is no word.”
“Those who say pure prayer do not move or shiver their tongue” [being silent].

“Mind and thought have no place in love of the God. Also mullah [Muslim clerk], pundit, joshi [Hindu clerk] cannot reach there, even the recitation of Koran [Muslim holy book] will not do.”

“Ghous, qutab [higher ranks of Muslim saints] cannot reach that place where ashiqs [lovers] can. The lovers can reach the destination where the ghouses cannot go around.”

“Tummay [herbal unpalatable] cannot be turboose [watermelon], by taking them to Mecca [holiest place], as the black crows can not be whitened.”
Bulley Shah a fugitive of prevailing norms says,

“Throw the prayers in a furnace, paste mud on fasts, spray black over kalma [the first necessary words to be recited by a Muslim, who don’t believe or recite are not Muslims]
Bulley Shah your beloved is with in you [in your heart], mankind is strayed aimlessly.”

“Shariah [Muslim code of manners, prayers etc] says, go to mullah [Muslim clerk] and learn the manners. Ishq [love] says one word is sufficient, leave all the books.”

“Oh Bullah let us go to a place, where all are blind, so that no one knows our caste and no one believes.”[He was Syed, progeny of Muslim prophet, religiously esteemed caste]. He believes in equality of mankind.

“Demolish mender [Hindus place of worship], demolish mosque. Do not demolish [break] human heart, here in the God resides.”
Madho Lal Shah Hussein says,

“Qazi, mullah [Muslim clerks] advises, those who know more (learned clergies) are telling to adopt the way. Ishq [love] has nothing to do with ways. I love the beloved” [the God].

Madho Lal [a Hindu by name] was a friend of Shah Hussein. He never asked Madho Lal to change his name or religion ceremonially. He loved his friend so much that he adopted his name with his. Both were buried side by side according to the will. Now a days it is very difficult to burry a Madho Lal in a Muslim grave yard. Even the army can not do it. There will be a holy war to prevent this. People say that Madho Lal was actually a believer by heart.
This is just a presentation from Punjabi mystic poets, which I liked to present. I think these poets tried to speak truth in defiance of prevailing hypocrisies. Some people say,’ this is just nonsense’. Others believe they were saints and provide a link between the God and humanity. People pray in the mosques adjacent to their tombs etc. I wonder how these mystics can be misinterpreted. I think their religion cannot be labeled and to me there is much identity of thought. I have not found any living person with whom I can claim this identity, because I cannot express my views publicly in the society, where I live.
Akbar, lovely post. Great wisdom is rarely recognised at the time of its utterance. The vested interest suppresses even truth and love if it cannot be turned to profit. I hope that your solitary candle is like the evening star and that soon others will join you to bring true light and reason in these times of dark intolerance. I am humbly reminded of the luxury I enjoy in my freedom of expression. My heart goes out to you.

Kindest regards
Dear Tao EquusMuch thanks for your heart felt feelings.

akbar, the truth seeker.
Akbar - I think that universal mysticism will ultimately be the bridge that connects all of us and you are on a very important path of knowing .... the poetry that you shared is beautiful and profound .... know that many others walk that silent path with you and there is greater power than we know .... he hawai'i au, pohaikawahine
PohaikawahineFriend, please do not mind if I spell your name wrong. It is quiet long and I never heard of it before.

May the God guide us to the right path and I believe that He suerly guides us if we shake of our predujices based on religions, races, nations, languages etc. as the God created us humans and would die humans leaving behind all the affiliations we contracted during our life. These affliations or attachments are not bad by themself but to be proud of or be biased about is definitly wrong and a definite hurdle in the way to the God.