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a figment of your imagination
Don't think I've actually said hello....but thanx for a great site that makes one not only think but admire all those concepts and thoughts that are floating around...

So this bear attacked an athiest, and as the bear knocked the guy down and had a big paw swinging in the direction of his head, the athiest called out, "Oh God, please save me"

Suddenly the bear stopped in mid swing, time stood still; the birds stopped chirping; the wind stopped blowing; the drool is hovering between the bear's mouth and the athiest. The clouds slowly move and God says, "Now, now you believe in me? You've been bad mouthing Christians and me your whole life, writing letters to the editor, deriding my followers and now, now you decide to believe in me?"

"Well I guess you are right" said the athiest, "that would be a little hypocritical, but since you've just shown yourself, and since I've heard you were a forgiving God... Uh, how about making the bear a Christian?" "Alright, I can do that", said God.

The wind started blowing, the birds started chirping and a strange look overcame the bear...he looked down at the atheist, up at the clouds and the paw that was about to decimate his victim came down in front of him slowly and met the other paw as the bear said, "Lord, we give thanks for this bounty before us...."

I think between my posts to date and that story, this is an ample intro.

...i am a man of fortune & fame.
do i hear echoes of the rolling stones?
glad to meet you.

welcome aboard Wil & enjoy your stay:)