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I've finally found a good forum where I can debate religious questions non-stop.

I'm interested in almost everything. Theology, ancient languages, archaeology, astronomy, physics and general science, bioethics, and my faith in Jesus Christ.

But really, I'd like to become a writer, possibly lecturer and have my own cosy bookshop in a dark medieval back alley. My faith is important to me and I have just come to discover that there are many things in the Bible that I need to explore and get some clarification in or else I will be walking around ignorant about my own God. That's too embarrassing.

Hope to have a good time here and learn a lot and meet lots of exciting people with all kinds of religious faiths!

Namaste and welcome....tis a great place to explore and grow
have my own cosy bookshop in a dark medieval back alley.
oh be sure to put in some comfy couches and a wood stove....give us the address we'll stop by..
Zdrastvuistye, hola, shalom, salaam, Dia dhuit, namastar ji, hej, hei, aloha, konnichiwa, squeak, meow, :wave: Ghaniel.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Thank yous to you all!

Hey, Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine... That's a nice nickname! I take it you speak Irish?
I'm going to study Irish next year. :)
Ohhhh... :)

So you're greeting in many languages to kind of... cover everything? :confused:

You obviously know that Dia dhuit is an Irish greeting and I'm pleased with that.
No, it's more if I spout off a stream of greetings in as many languages as I can, the person I'm greeting might find one s/he recognizes in his/her first language or one close enough, thereby creating a bridge of communication. It has helped me quite a bit offline as much as it has created some hilarious situations (like the time I greeted a gentleman in German and ended up listening to him talk at me about stuff in German for roughly 15 minutes. :eek: )

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine