Our Best Loved Comedians


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Our Best Loved Comedians

this one is dedicated to everyones favorite Comedians. Everyone from broadway, hollywood & all the stand up entertainers that make us laugh & feel good.
Taijasi sparked the idea for Gilda, so thought it would make a good topic & bring back some good memories.

the first one & one of my favorites is Gilda Radner.:) So many goofy things that she was into. One of them i always liked was Rosanna Danna. & then we she played with Todd & sang Barbara Streisand on the piano, & the two would get stuck in the sofa.
then when she did that dance with Steve Martin!!! OMG she was all over the place like a rag doll.
then the one skit where she plays the armenian girl who does gymnastics the the one where Gilda plays that little girl in the bedroom & she keeps running into the door & jumping on the bed.
Saturday Night Live. what a bunch of crazy people.
do you guys remember any of them?

who are the people who make you laugh?
We just had a "Best 50 comedians" TV show last week in the UK - some great clips - there are a lot of very talented people about, whether doing stand-up or sitcom format.

Bill Hicks always had a huge impression on me when I was younger - he could sometimes labour a point, but his use of cutting social and political observation underlined a point for me, and that is that the best comedy is about representing truth. :)
Will Rogers, Lucille Ball, Abbot and Costello, The Marx Brothers, The stooges...Mel Brooks...You know this could just go on forever...forward and backward from all of these...
Carol Burnet had a great show with Tim Conway. so many episodes & characters that make me laugh so hard. they are just goofballs & i love that when they do so many silly things that they themselves can't stop laughing when performing live.:D

Bob Newhart was another one to see the world through someone elses eyes. & then there is Jackie Gleason who never read a script it was all done as he went along.

Brian, I think the best comedy does represent the truth & it can be from all views & walks of life.:)