To see the universe in a grain of sand.


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To see the universe in a grain of sand.

For a while I have been focusing upon the very nugget or essence of existence. This is my philosophers stone, however of late I am realising that I have been looking to hard at the grain of sand, rather than the meaning of the entirety.

Thus I am wondering if in fact the meaning is like Celtic knotwork! That the spirit is not particular and that we are many things that when tied together equals us.

this is how i see it...

'To define a thing one must define everything' – yet this is not possible!

So I was wondering what this saying means to you!

On one level it is when we were scratching our name in our desk in elementary school, daydreaming as the teacher droned on and then occasionally looking up and acting interested when we notice the similarity between the drawing of the atom on the periodic table and the drawing of the solar system...and then we think....are the atoms in this desk that I am carving up actually other galaxies of solar system and inside of which there is a kid carving up his desk...and then look up and just while you are wondering who is carving on the desk you are in, the teacher says, "William, would you please stand up and tell us what is so interesting about the ceiling?"

On another level I see us blowing up that grain and realizing it isn't the same as the rest, it is crystal, or granite, or is shaped different and colored different...

And yet another is the oneness of all....that the electrons, protons, neutrons are the same building blocks that all use...

Or that this could be hot on beach or silt in a river, or flowing through an hourglass, part of the mortar in Notre Dame or be a shooting star...

yes, like G!D if I name it, define it, I limit it. I miss out on all the potential and possibility...
Hi wil,

yes, like G!D if I name it, define it, I limit it. I miss out on all the potential and possibility...

yep agreed. I liked your school analogy – not only are we all stellar dust, but the atom and the solar system belong to the same family [or universal principle].

Or that god is a druid and he created this universe in a 'wink of an eye', then when I die he’ll be in my universe! Suffer you dog [note inversion of term]. :D

The world is a fair ride we get on we get off, but we are not a part of it!!?

this may seam like a dualistic view, yet it the greater scheme of things all belong to the one reality - even if reality is not one [it is somewhere between oneness and seperateness].