Religion vs. religions


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Does each religion have a separate God? Why they insist on special name or names for their God? Does God approve any language necessary to be prayed? Does not He know other languages? Does he approve only special manners to be prayed as different armies observe different orders for show off? Does religion not believe that the God is one, the God of universe and mankind?

The God is one but religions differ and they (God forbid) compel the God to be only their. Groups had/have been fighting for their separate identities and even for preferences including languages, races, nations, religions for the God to be their. Any one religion is not willing to share his so called God with any other religion and struggles to prove his claim. Each claims the God's preference. Each claims having God's authority or (God forbid) authority over God. Faith in the God including mercy, kindness, love, justice, brotherhood, fraternity and good social behaviors do not fulfill the need of having a separate religion so some or more additions, conditions and other specialties are necessary requirements. Religions require clergies to teach such specialties and clergies require specialties of concerned religion for their existence. How clergies can say that their can be any way out other than observance of such specialties?

All religions join such competition so separate additions, conditions, and other manners are included for keeping separate entities. Claims of superiorities are necessary to satisfy respective followers, so each religion claims having best additions, conditions. Places of worship, designs of worship places, manners/timings of worship, holy days/observance of such days, holy places/pilgrimage of such places, and traditions/observance of such traditions from birth to death and even names of individuals are kept different for maintaining religious differentiations. I know some clergies who insist on observing particular manners for eating, drinking, walking, sleeping, entering a building or coming out and many more. They also insist on related prayers for all such occasions to be learnt by heart. Religions must be different with different holy personalities for attaining blessings and for getting approvals for heaven.

Clergies of each religion claim that heaven or blessings of the God are only for their followers excluding all others, so this can be a perfect base for scuffles and also wars. Some where in holy books followers are admonished not to be friendly with others and they are motivated to wage holy wars against those who do not accept their God. I appreciate wisdom of all religion followers that they do not fight in spite of having such perfect bases of differentiations and live in peace on the principle of live and let live. Does this mean that they have turned hypocrites?

Please allow me to point out some hypocrisy (as I think). Please forgive me if I am wrong. People of many religions believe that there is an endless life after death with unimaginable pleasures, satisfaction and happiness. Such life is invisible. I think that had there been a visible life just equal to this life we are living then people would have given much importance to such a life. People do prefer to live with ease in coming future and for this purpose they save, work and even suffer; so had there been a visible transformation/migration from one continent to another or from one planet to another then people would have been much concerned about even such time was/is equal to their present life. If this is correct then hypocrisy certainly exists otherwise why they do not care much for that endless life? Why they cheat, torture, kill and lie? Why they remain cruel and unkind? This certainly means that they do not believe in that endless life and even then religions do accept their eligibility for heaven and blessings of their God above all other humans not belonging to their creed or group. If you do not mind this seems to me hypocrisy.

I do believe in life after death and that human soul will never perish. I also believe in the God’s rewards and punishments but I do not claim to have achieved perfection in faith.

If in the name of God,

If in the name of God you fight,

If in the name of God you kill,

Will HE hold you up by his might?

Will He favor you by his will?

He is their also as others claim,

Had He been yours as you say,

Why at times you bear shame?

Why you suffer as others may?

So better not on him to rely,

So better not him to call,

Call to yours, if they reply,

Yours only don’t like you fall.

Fight in names of yours you believe,

Kill in names of yours not others,

They will favor you if not asleep,

Or have knowledge and any powers.
Namaste akbar, nice post.

While I can understand the differing names of G!D...via language, vision, and varioius traits, I like you have a hard time thinking that only one way is right.

Especially when so many feel they have the one and only right way.

Seems like some sort of sport contest, whereby everyone is trying to win the cup and prove they are the champion.

Rejoice in your belief system, continue to learn and explore...consider if your system says you can't explore any other....why? Revel in your faith, live your life and don't demand that others agree with our thoughts....and don't condemn others to that sword of judgement is surely double edged...
I do not want people to adopt my way of life and I have no objection to their ways of life in terms of traditions, cultures etc. if they do not have any thing inhuman. I also do not preach particular ways, nanners or words of worship and am no authority for the God. I am an out law of religions and my parents named me Akbar.