Baptizement required?

InChristAlways said:
I have another question.

Could the water baptism be a type of "OT fulfillment" since Jesus also was batized to fulfill all righteousness.

For example, in the OT, the Priests had to "wash" in the "Laver" before entering in the Tabernacle as an example, and since Jesus is our High Priest, perhaps that is what it symbolzed.

Another words, Christ waited about 30 yrs to be baptized and to minster the Gospel, and why I have difficulty in understanding the purpose of Him getting baptized. I myself was baptized in the Gulf of Mexico by a pastor friend of mine and could almost view it as being in the Jordan river during Jesus's days.

But to this day, I don't really know whether I did it as a commandment or to follow what Jesus had done to Him by JTB and therefore acknowlede Him as my Savior, King and High Priest [which I also do "figuratively" from the "rooftops"].

Matthew 3:15 But Jesus answering said to him, `Suffer now, for thus it is becoming to us to fulfil [#4137] all righteousness [#1343],' then he doth suffer him.

i think this is all a good point & should not go unnoticed. how Jesus met John to fulfil all righteousness in being baptised. i saw it like being in the river Jordan also. i also see it as a type of being buried with Christ. i also see the water in type- of blood, the blood of Christ is what washes away sin.

the washing before entering the Tabernacle with sacrifice is also a very good point & the ministry of Jesus started there at Jordan.
Postmaster said:
In the life of Christ he was doing things that was fulfilling prophecy to prove who he was. It's an important tradition to fulfil for a person as part of there Christian faith. Also the symbolism is very important, we are CLEANING away the sins ready to start a fresh life in the foot steps of Christ.

Very true, Postmaster et al. However there are times when one accepts Christ however, does not have time to be baptised with water. Since by accepting Christ we are washed clean by the blood of the lamb (our linens are made white), it isn't a prerequisite for our salvation. If it were, a whole lot of people who accepted Christ in the end, have gone no where, and theirs was an exercise in futility.

Nothing physically saves us. What is inside and what we decide to accept or not is what is read, and acknowledged or ignored.