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Just wanted to say "Hi" and to introduce myself. I've been posting at another forum for quite a while, but have recently decided to move on. I'm Christian, but I have a somewhat Eastern philosophical view that made it difficult to relate to the other posters there.

I'm female, married, 37, no kids, live in the USA, and am politically moderate.

Is there anything I haven't disclosed? :D
Whiskers said:
Is there anything I haven't disclosed? :D
Welcome, but only you can answer I haven't seen the life of brian in ages...gotta rent it I suppose...

So what is with the moniker? I'm assuming cat lover is partially disclosed?

Looking forward to more....
Hi Will,

Yes, I'm a cat lover, but the moniker is more an attempt to impart that I love critters in general. :rolleyes:

I couldn't decide what alias to use. I wanted something different than what I've been using on other forums. I didn't want to use my real name. And I didn't want to use anything that implied a particular faith, religion or spiritual path.

On the wall is a calendar that my dad bought me as a gift. It's called "Twisted Whiskers." It jumped out at me. I decided to leave the "twisted" part off. ;)

I wish now I hadn't capitalized the "W." Oh well.