The Ten Commandments (How is it Love?)

I think that is a very helpful understanding of the ten commandments Marsh. A similar way I've heard that expressed is that the ten commandments (and the Law in general) are a path, a way, to good relationships with each other and with God. :)

I agree that it is more: if you follow these you will be fulfilled and happy, rather than: if you break these you will be punished.
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Ok I'm gonna ditto Path and Luna, nice posts Luna and Marsh.

The book I mentioned above Metamorality used to be titled "Breaking the Ten Commandments" As in Moses broke them, as in breaking them down to their underlying thought. And breaking them as Moses saw the people weren't ready, breaking them into bits that we can absorb.
If I as a parent was to say to my child, "You will do your homework every night," the obvious connotation would be that I'm commanding her to get her homework done, yeah? But what if the context was a little different? What if the context was that my daughter said that she loved me, but I questioned her about her love. Let's say that she asked me, "Well, what would I have to do to show you that I love you?" And I reply, "If you love me, you will do your homework every night (because in so doing you will succeed in school, stay out of trouble, and make me proud of you)."

Because kids do not know how to love in this manner...yet, especially teenagers. So my default is "Do you homework or else..."

The 'or else' usually gets their attention.

But I think you've kinda hit on something with the learning process, Marsh. Commandments, rules (yuck!), cramps our style. But the process of discipline is such that hopefully you get to the point that they are no longer 'rules', but something that you see as valuable in obeying. Mom and Dad were right all along. I see the value of education now that I'm on my own. (I had horrible grades in high school. Not because I couldn't do well, I just didn't try. Later when I decided to take college courses, I actually liked learning and made good grades. Even today I'll occasionally take a course in something if it interests me and will excel in it.)