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Hello everyone, my name is Sam Cole and I'm a social psychology graduate student at Loyola University Chicago. I'm currently working on a project on individual's attitudes towards religion. My major motivation for this study is to correct a serious oversight in the psychological literature. Most studies that purportedly study religion only study a narrow conception of religion. So my aim is to include as diverse a group of religious individuals as possible. If you would like to participate in this study click on the link below. Also, if you have any questions or would like to request results when all the data is in feel free to e-mail me. Thank you for your time and have a good day!

Sam Cole
I always find the questions of these sort of things interesting. In most surveys the tone and nature of the questions are leading enough to sway the results...isolated out and taken on their own, there are a few of those in here...

but all in all, good job, look forward to your posting your results and conclusions

I would have liked to seen some statements like.

My understanding of religion and religious principles has changed dramatically during my life.

My understanding of the creator has changed dramatically during my life.

At sometimes I am surprised I believe as I currently believe.

Prayer and/or moments of silence should be allowed in public schools.

Our constitution allows freedom of religion, not the abolishment of it from public buidlings and spaces.
It's a good survey, but despite the stated aim of reaching a wider group of faiths, there are a lot of questions about attitudes towards God and Satan which really appeals ony to abrahamic monotheism.
Good point! One of the major assumptions I find is that religion (in my field) is often conceptualized from an abrahamic viewpoint. I hope to show that this isn't the case by having other religious individuals answer these questions. If they do not apply then I will be justified in revising and constructing more applicable questions.

Thanks again!