What music are you listening to?

Someone sent me this, and my tired brain (from working night shift for a week) seems to think it's a super catchy song, it keeps running in my mind.

The Age of Miracles - the link goes to Bandcamp, won't embed here.
It was Rolling Stones weekened on one of our local radio stations.

Ahem ... parental guidance warning ...

Back when a group of college pals were experimenting with a certain psychedelic, we used to meet regularly and try various things. We did a Pink Floyd gig once, we did this and that ... but if at home, no evening would pass without listening to An Electric Storm by White Noise ...

What I've discovered looking for a link, just now, is that although I always knew David Vorhaus was part of the electronic music scene, I hadn't realised the other members of the band were Delia Derbyshire, who worked at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and came up with the original theme for Dr Who, and her co-worker there, Brian Hodgson, who created the sound of the Tardis, and the voice of the Daleks ...

Nevertheless ... the album has a couple of what-you'd expect 'head' tracks ("Love without Sound", "Firebird"), a rude one ("My Game of Loving" – lots of sounds, if you get my drift), a silly one ("Here Come the Fleas"), and a gateway-track to side two ("Your Hidden Dreams").

Side Two takes us to an altogether darker place, being just two tracks, the first "The Visitation" (a seance, apparently) and the second speaks for itself: "Black Mass: An Electric Storm in Hell".

As one YouTube reviewer put it, "Interesting, Not sure if it's any good, but interesting".

I've only listened to the whole album once, since my teenage years, and might do so again, but I'm in no hurry. Side one is relatively sewwt though, and definitely speaks of its times.

Hey-ho ... they were, for the most part, happy times.

Note: They say your school years are the best years of your life. Mine definitely were not. College 16-19years, was a revelation.