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Just one more before I call it a night:

I see a little bit of confusion with terms. Adultery is sex with a married person, to whom you are not married. I suspect you mean fornication. Forced to pick between them, I would rather fornicate than commit adultery, if that makes sense. Both parties must be single, "unattached," to fornicate. Fornication could be said to be a lesser offense (and herein enters the argument of whether such even exists, the old "a sin is a sin is a sin" argument, which I do not hold). I sense it to be lesser because number one: sex itself is not the sin. Number two: there is no intrusion into a sacred bond (an oath before G-d and witnesses to hold each other alone, forsaking all others, let no one come between them...). Number three: infidelity destroys families. Some sins are solo events, you do the damage to yourself. Some sins affect others too. Some sins can adversely affect how you get along with your family, nuclear and extended, and friends, possibly for the rest of your life.

I see what you are saying, and I agree. I don't count all sin the same, at least when it comes to life experience, and how they effect other people. I'm not sure how God views our various sins, though?

you know, I was never quite sure what fornication meant, so perhaps I just applied adultery to most all questionable situations concerning woman, lol! This could have been what I was taught as a child...I can't really remember? Then again, this view could have been of my own device; I have trouble keeping up with everything.

I suppose I should have made use of a dictionary, lol!

Nobody cares if you smoke a little dope. Except the man, and that is so he can collect his share of the spoils and keep you in submission. But to (*G-d forbid, I do not in any way wish this*) rape your daughter will bring about repercussions for the rest of your life! That is a sin that might be forgiven, but you *will* pay for it, over and over and over. So yes, I do see greater and lesser sin. Fornication is a lesser sin, Adultery is a greater sin.

I think any 'rational' human being would come to this conclusion by the definition you gave, juan. I looked up fornication, and adultery a few minutes ago, and the dictionary gives the same definition as you gave.

Lust is a bit more vague. I can see my understanding, which is admittedly vague even to me, is a bit different from those of you and China.

I guess I've always accepted the given definitions of lust, but mostly lean towards the one in italics:

lust >noun 1 strong sexual desire. 2 a passionate desire for something. 3 Theology a sensuous appetite regarded as sinful. >verb (usu. lust for/after) feel lust for someone or something.
-ORIGIN Old English.

Btw, I read 'Ecclesiastes' again. (Twice) ;)

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Btw, I read 'Ecclesiastes' again.
I took a little time to put together a brief commentary on Eclessiastes (if three hours can be considered brief). It is a skeleton sketch, but I tried to catch the high points I wanted you to glean. Your comments and additions are welcome.