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My name is Tony. I am an eye doctor from Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
I love comparative religions and I can't get enough of them. I drive my wife crazy with all of the reading I do. I tend to relate more to eastern spirituality, specifically, Zen, Taoism and Vedanta/Yoga.
I have a black belt in Taekwondo..but don't let that fool you, I'm a real softie.
I enjoy reading philosophy as well. I love books by Richard Rorty, Daniel Dennett, Martin Heidegger and Nietzsche.

I enjoy scientific posts, but I have a pet-peeve over really long-winded and nitpicky scientific discussions.

I hope to have many interesting and enlightening conversations with many of you!

Namaste Tony....

The YNOT is nice....I predjudged...another lesson it seems and thought Y?

But you answered Y in your entry into this pool...

Enjoy yourself, you'll find both longwinded responses and short and sweet...

Again my lesson is on prejudgement this life...as I see a number of the long winded responses tedious...that is until I read them for the third or fourth time, lol

Have fun
Hi wil!

It's nice to meet you. I'm really excited to be a part of this forum. It's about time that all of us around the globe met together to share, listen, talk (and I hope not shout) about our faiths, or lack thereof. I genuinely feel that this is the only effective way to combat religious extremism/intolerance and terrorism.

I have family in Jarrettsville, Maryland. Where in MD are you from?