The Power of Words

I was just thinking about how in the Bible in Genesis it says something along the lines of 'In the beginning there was the word and the word was G-d and it was good'. I know that's not exactly right, I've never been good at exact quotes but I'm sure you'll all know what I'm talking about nonetheless.

Yes, I know what you are talking about but, that's not in Genesis. It is in the gospel of John. (John 1:1) The intent of the Hellenist who wrote that gospel was two: First to promote the Pauline policy of Replacement Theology and second, to establish the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. A Jew would never dare to write against his own Faith, Judaism.

My point is that though I'm not sure exactly what I believe in I do believe that words have some power.

And you can say that again. No wonder Christianity has grown so powerful.

I believe in saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

No matter what? Not too safe most the times.

It's a constant source of frustration to me that most people do not share this belief and you can't depend on their word.

Welcome to the club!

Even the words 'I love you' seem to be thrown around rather lightly.
Usually and very often, "I love you" does not mean what it says.

It seems to me that in this age of technology when it is so easy to communicate and especially easy to communicate to people without being face-to-face with them that words are losing their power and people are losing their integrity.

Rather the opposite is true. The absence of he or she whom we are addressing to, our words acquire more freedom to go freely and with much more power.

I wonder if this integrity has any relation to spirituality. Maybe people don't care so much about being accountable for what they say and do because they don't believe that there is any higher power to be accountable to?????

Now, that's for dogs rather than for humans with integrity. To speak with integrity because we are afraid to be accountable to a higher power is akin to treats promised to dogs to perform well.