The straw that broke the camel's back


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a figment of your imagination
We know the metaphor, becoming so overburdened with life, emotion, work, stress, whatever...that we collapse.

The camel is loaded and loaded to the point that it only took one more straw and that burden became so broke the camel's back.

Ever contemplate if the reverse was true?

We contemplate peace, unconditional love, the whole world working in concert for good. No poverty, no want, no war, no strife...

What if I am the straw?

What if the whole world is waiting for me to raise in consciousnes?

Waiting for me to do my part?

Waiting for me to step up to the plate?

Waiting for me to be the change?

What if when I wake up and do what is right, now and now on forever...

I will be the straw that broke the camel's back?

What if we all contemplated that?
Ahhh yes, the tipping point.

It is unfortunate that in modern society most people contemplate the finer points of tippling (pun very intended) in order to escape such responsibility...but then that is one of the hard-wired curses built into western culture IMO.

You probably are already the straw - you just never realise it. :)
Hmmmmm... this all reminds me of a favorite T.S. Eliot poem somehow.

Should we all check our "headpeace"? Maybe we're all just scarecrows, huh ?.

BTW, TS was from St. Louis, MO originally.