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Ontario, Canada

I am from central Canada and I'm an eclectic pagan! :) I go to a unitarian church whenever possible and am currently taking courses in a Roman Catholic school!

I was raised catholic, but rather slackly... Gradually we just stopped going to church completely. I prayed to God to give me anything at all - anything! - that could help me have faith in Him. I received nothing, and simply got up and walked away (I was waiting for reconciliation at the time...) Because I go to a Roman Catholic school, I've been baptised and confirmed. I've also had communion and reconciliation many times, but I stopped as soon as I had a grip on my new faith.

Since I live in an area of the world that is almost entirely catholic, I had to figure things out on my own mostly... So I tried praying to "forces" (Fortune, Fate, Love and Vitality.) I felt an incredible "presence" in Fortune and ended up phasing Love and Fate into her. I suppose I'd split my worship to three aspects of the same Deity. Well, that's my current thoughts on it, at least!

I currently pray to a God, Malachi (came to me once and I've never been able to quite replicate the experience) and my Goddess, Fortune.

I was lucky enough to find a pagan website (The Cauldron) and began self identifying as an electic pagan! :)

Well, that's me in a half nutshell! Wondrous looking site you have here!

Hi Acorn_Thornpicker, and welcome to CR. :)
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From one new(ish) member to another, good to have you around. Hope to meet you in a discussion sometime.
Namaste @

A positive exclamation usually used when something good happens.- Exact translation unavailable.

is that correct?

anywho...interesting path!
Thanks for the welcome! :)

And yes, you've got the definition fairly accurate! I'm a sci-fi fan and I adore that particular word (from Stargate Sg-1, if you're interested), so have merged it into my every day speech! The word serves many purposes, but primarily as a cheery greeting! ^_^