A judaic namaste?


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a figment of your imagination
From Chabad.org
but similar to my namaste blog...from earlier this year...

A Point Within

Within each of us is a point where all of us meet. And within that point is a place where we are all one simple essence. That is the soul of the moshiach within us.

If so, the person who we will call the moshiach does not need to convince us to follow. He only needs to awaken that sleeping moshiach within each of us. And then we will look and say, "I know this tzadik. He is the spark I feel awake within me.

That is when we will all be liberated we and all the creation.

A Daily Dose of Wisdom from the Rebbe
-words and condensation by Tzvi Freeman
Tammuz 2, 5766 * June 28, 2006
wil here again and my blog below....I don't see it as a point though. As all matter is mostly space, the most dense, heaviest material has an enormous amount of space between electrons and the nucleus...I see the space as our connection to the allness...in him we live and breathe and have our being...and the itty bitty solid portions being our individuation....(at least that is my current pardigm)

Namaste ( expanded definition)

Namaste all.

G-d Bless the Whole World….NO EXCEPTONS

Dali Lama says,
‘You know you are enlightened
when everyone you see,
you see as enligthened.’

My minister added,
‘So I went to the mall to see how far I have to go!’

Namaste- The LIGHT in me salutes and recognizes the LIGHT in you’

Now reread this substituing for the word ‘light’ in places the following words…

Wisdom, Love, Understanding, Compassion…

(whoa….not so fast…if you are gonna read the blog….do the exercises!)
The wisdom in me salutes and recognizes the wisdom…
The love in me..

ok now onto some more….(subsitute the following for light)

G-d, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Allah, Mohamed,Great Spirit….

and more…(again, subsitute the following for light)

Mother, Consciousness, Enlightened portion…

The Mother in me...

(lol….don’t you like ‘portion’?)

What resonates with you? What makes you feel more alive?

Now the challenge….practice it with everyone you see, everyone you meet, everyone you encounter, especially, especially those that you are in perceived turmoil with…those who are getting on your last nerve…

Can we?

Yes with practice….

Remember when you can’t see the LIGHT in someone else….it is because you have closed yourself to the LIGHT in yourself…. when you see something you dislike in someone else….the mirror has been activated and a portion of you is reflecting….practice seeing the LIGHT (the word that resonates most with your being….experiment with the different words, thoughts and concepts…)

Namaste all!
Here's something I have posted before.

You may notice that I've occasionally signed my posts with "eudaimonia, Mark." lately. I'll be doing this with much greater frequency now, possibly every single post. I'd like to explain why, and what it means.

Eudaimonia is my signoff wish for all of you, similar to the way metta or namaste are used around here by some of you.

By signing off with eudaimonia, I'm well-wishing. I'm expressing the wish that you flourish and find happiness. If I were Spock, I'd be saying: "live long and prosper". It means roughly the same thing.

Eudaimonia carries some of the respect implied by namaste. While I don't believe in a literal "divine", that's still sort of how I feel about the potentials that each one of us has to actualize in our lives. By wishing you eudaimonia, I am acknowledging your humanity and your potential for greatness of spirit, and I am showing that respect.

I'm also wishing you the wisdom and character needed for you to flourish, even if that means that you end up with more than I do, and flourish better than I do. I'm stating my love of seeing other people grow.

My use of eudaimonia is also similar to the original Hawaiian use of the word aloha. As you may know, aloha is often used to mean "hello", "goodbye", and "love". What you might not know is that alo- means "companion, possibly one that is unseen" and -ha means "breath of life" or "breath of wisdom". Aloha, therefore, literally means "a companion who gives one a breath of life or wisdom". The native Hawaiians had a tradition where someone on their death bed would breathe into the mouth of a relative, thus passing on their wisdom. To say aloha to someone means roughly "may I be someone good for you".

I mean "may I be someone good for you" as well when I say eudaimonia.

Eudaimonia is my most sacred word, and cannot be offered in a mean-spirited way. It is completely well-wishing, and is intended to keep me focused on the big picture of any interaction I might have with others.

You may consider it a particular naturalistic philosophical namaste, or something similar.