Essence and egregore 1

A crystal is neither good nor evil, but it can be made to serve a good or evil purpose, and either way an egregore of the crystal essence will be created, empowered by its creator and sustained by him or by his unwitting agent.

The believed source of heraldry, for example, is that the helmet crest is a copy of the astral or psychic form of the knight in question, which I have alluded to elsewhere.

An egregore did more damage to the US forces in Vietnam than the enemy.

The Nazi Party engendered an egregore which, for a while, enslaved a whole nation.

If your aim is higher - the spiritual realm - then you have no need nor want to 'live' in the lower, for, as the saying goes, you become what you think about.

My own watchword regarding the astral is a saying of the samurai from the Age of Warring States:
'The strong eat; the weak are meat', couple that with 'fools rush in...' and there's an idea of what meddling with the astral brings about.

In closing, the last century saw more people killed than in all previous history, and all motivated not by religion, nor even by misunderstood religion, but by an egregore - the product of the political 'devotions, enthusiasms and fanatacisms' that ensnared humanity ...


Hi thank you for some very illuminating posts.

I am probably going to digest this very slowly but initially l have quoted some important parts of one of your posts.

I have a few questions about the quoted parts:

1. Briefly, your definition of an egregore?
2. Re: heraldry - What do you think of the symbols in that Talbott video l showed you, can you weave celestial events into your narrative of heraldry?
3. How did an egregore damage the US Forces in Vietnam and how did the Nazi Party "engender" an egregore?
4. Interesting about meddling with astral beings, we too believe the same: the good ones keep their distance from humans, any that contact us are evil.
I was physically punched in the back of the head by one after l called his name and told him l loved him, and then 5 mins later l said "Not really l hate you". About 10 mins later l was punched in the back of the head and felt electricity coursing through me and smelt my own flesh burning, and was caught in a terrible positive feedback loop such that any thoughts l had - mere thoughts - would echo out of control and threaten to cause death from some kind of brain fracture, like a stroke or something.
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Hello Thomas,

Do you know why an egregore is used for black magic attacks? Dion Fortune mentioned it, about 1. telepathic hypnotic suggestion; 2. enforcing the telepathic hypnotic suggestion by evoking an Egregore that can create thoughtforms; 3. creating a magnetic switch or a contactpoint!

Kind regards.

@shaffy - how is a magnetic switch or a contactpoint created?
How can an egregore create thoughtforms and by thoughtforms do you mean neurotic traits?