is there a religious calendar that follows the course of the sun, moon and stars? has both astrological and astronomical calendars, depending on what you are looking for.

I'm not sure what you mean by "religious."

Go to and type "Calendar 2007 astronomy" or "Calendar 2007 astrology" to get the results that I did.
I believe that it all depends upon what is considered to be a calendar.

Stonehenge, Woodhenge, medicine wheels, and other ancient constructions used to mark the passages of the sun, moon and stars are calendar devices of a sort. But they are also considered to be primitive observatories that duly mark the regular passages of the heavenly bodies.

Agriculture seemed to be the motivating factor in the need of the ancients to develop them. But then one may ask, how did they figure all of that stuff out? And how did this phenomenon demonstrate similarities and consistencies of construction attributes on a worldwide scale thousands of years ago?

I'm wondering what is meant by a religious calendar?

Our standard calendar is based on the sun; the Chinese calendar on the moon. I think the Jewish calendar is based on the moon- someone correct me if I'm wrong (I well could be- I can't remember). The Maya calendar was based on the sun and is more accurate than our own. I don't know of any calendars based on the stars, though astrology links calendars with the stars.

Or do you mean a yearly calendar of holy days? Neo-pagans of various sorts mark the year by eight sabbats- eight holy days that are linked to the sun and seasons, including summer and winter solstice.

Not sure if that helps at all...