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Somewhere over the rainbow
Hello every one.

I have a question for all the members on this group, and hope you will indulge me with some of your views and thoughts…

I am at present in the process of creating a series of spiritual paintings; the first of which is, A perception of the ‘Third Eye’... To accompany these works, I intend to write short pieces of text… which hopefully will open the viewers minds to the depths of the work that I will have created…There is a lot of information on the net about the ‘Third Eye’, but I would appreciate your perceptions on it….

Now for my question, ‘if you were asked to explain your perceptions and thoughts of, ‘The Third Eye’… what would be your answer?

No quotes or articles please, just your own views…Thank you…

Christine (Bow)

Interesting question. My brief description would be that the third eye is non-obvious equipment in one's being that enables a being to "intuit" reality as opposed to enabling it to physically see it and to intellectually examine and dissect it. The outcomes and conclusions of the process are therefore spiritually-based as opposed to logically-cognitively based, or a process creating feelings as opposed to overt actions.

This implies the employment of one's emotionally-influenced evaluatory systems when proceeding through life's journeys. You might say that this is merely the old "left brain, right brain" argument regarding how beings operate, but recent brain scan research demonstrates dynamic interactions of both hemispheres along with involvement of the limbic systems in the process.

Some have suggested that the pineal body in the mid-brain, the super-chiasmic nucleus behind the eyes, or the amygdala is the key to understanding the dynamics of this process. But that has not yet been resolved I believe.

Namaste christine,

thank you for the post.

generally speaking, i would tend to explain the thrid eye from the point of view of the Chakra system which is fairly prevalent throughout the Dharma traditions.

the Chakra systems are somewhat different amongst the various Dharma traditions, however, this is mostly due to using different terminology and different axioms which are held by the practiconers.

within the context of Tibetan Vajrayana praxis, the pineal or third eye isn't even used :) in this system, it is the Crown Chakra at the top of the head or, as we say the Mahasukha Chakra. this Chakra is related to the body and activity and represents a fairly substantial departure from the Sanatana Dharma Tantric systems.

there is an excellent book on this, from the Tibetan view, called "The Clear Light of Bliss" by Kelsang Gyatso which may be of some interest.


I had a vision of a third eye painting as I read your post...

A face with the the eye...but when you walked up to the painting you noticed the pupil was a hole and when you looked into it you saw the whole universe behind it...and then as you stood there looking it morphed into rapid fire pictures of people and places and things from everywhere...

Then I thought of another one a face with the third eye in that pixelated picture method so from a distance it looks like an eye but up close you see it is thousands of tiny pictures...and then another where the eye is a microfilm of the previous and a light shines from behind the painting and across the hall of the gallery you see the large image of the eye made up of the small pixels of the pictures contained in the first eye picture...

Can you tell me when you complete my paintings, I want to go to gallery to see them...
You will be getting an invite to view at my exhibition that is for sure...

my painting is a perception of the Third Eye...and has a lot of what you speak within it...

In Peace Bow...